Winter's Crest Festival

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In the weeks leading up to the Christmas break Avalon Institute organises a festival for friends and family of the institute's staff and students, they extend this invitation to the local community in New Cresthill in the hopes that they can ease some of the growing concerns of the locals for having the institute so close to their town.

What could possibly go wrong?

Start Date Tue Oct 31st, 2023 @ 15:22
End Date Fri Jun 14th, 2024 @ 15:22

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Title Timeline Location
The Adventures of Brea and Tara
by Sarah Bright & Claire Cavendish
Friday, December 18th Avalon Institute
Find Your Muse
by Sarah Bright
Thursday, December 17th, 6:30 am Library, Avalon Institute
Picking up the new guy
by Andrew Hallows & Rebecca McMillen & Alastair Temple
Dec 23rd Avalon car park, New Cresthill Train Station
by William McAvoy & Claire Cavendish
Friday 11th December Claire's Office
Unhappy Hour
by Sarah Bright & Alastair Temple & Matteo Beneventi
5:00pm, Tuesday, December 15, 1992 The Blue Door Inn, New Cresthill
A Cake for Claire
by Gabriella Baxter & Jonathan Monroe
Wednesday, December 23rd, 1992 New Cresthill: The Corner Bakery
Presenting Firebug on Ice
by Jonathan Monroe & Kaylee Ashton BSc
24th December Loch near the Institute
A Cupcake for your Thoughts
by Claire Cavendish & Gabriella Baxter
Close to midnight, Friday evening, December 18th, 1992 Head Teacher's Office, Avalon Institute
I'm Ready To Grow
by Phoebe Hunter & Almaz Awate
11th December 1992 History Classroom
Questionable Objectivity
by Sarah Bright & Phoebe Hunter
Monday, December 14th, 12:50 pm History Classroom, Avalon
Don't kill the messenger
by Shauna Murphy & Claire Cavendish & Alistair Quill
00:45, Saturday, 19th of December, 1992 Main Courtyard, Avalon Institute
Claire / Rebecca
by Claire Cavendish & Rebecca McMillen
Sunday, December 21st, 1992 Avalon
Avalon in the news
by Claire Cavendish
Friday 19th of December Various, Avalon Institute
Festival Day
by Alastair Temple & Liana Zhao
friday the 18th of December, 1992
All the world's a stage
by Claire Cavendish & Jonathan Monroe
Wednesday, 16th of December, 1992 English classroom
The terror that flaps in the night
by Claire Cavendish & Phoebe Hunter & Andrew Hallows
02:30 hours, Tuesday, December 22nd, 1992 Manchester
This Girl is on Fire (Pt 3)
by Alastair Temple & Liana Zhao
Evening of 16th December Loch-side, Avalon Institute
Slippery Slope
by Claire Cavendish & Kaylee Ashton BSc
Wednesday, 16th of December, 1992 The Loch outside Avalon Institute
Choose Your Hero Part 1
by Catriona Reid & Rebecca McMillen & Alastair Temple & Alistair Quill & Quinn Kelly
Immediately following 'Challenge Accepted?' Library, Avalon Institute
Faire Warning
by Claire Cavendish
Tuesday, 15th of September, 1992 Teacher's Lounge, Avalon Institute
First Step in Counselling
by William McAvoy & Jessica Leigh
Friday 11th December Avalon Institute: Grounds
Growing Attached But Not Forgotten
by Phoebe Hunter & Matteo Beneventi
9pm - Friday, 11th December Matt’s House
Saturday Morning Town Run
by Alistair Quill & Gabriella Baxter & Shauna Murphy
10:00am - Saturday, 12th December New Cresthill
Going once... going twice...
by Claire Cavendish & Rebecca McMillen
21:00 hours, Friday 18th of December, 1992 Auditorium, Avalon Institute
This Girl is on Fire (Pt 2)
by Alastair Temple & Liana Zhao
Evening of 16th December Loch-side, Avalon Institute

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