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I'm Ready To Grow

Posted on Sat Jun 1st, 2024 @ 20:09 by Phoebe Hunter & Almaz Awate
Edited on on Sat Jun 1st, 2024 @ 20:47

Chapter: Winter's Crest Festival
Location: History Classroom
Timeline: 11th December 1992
1321 words - 2.6 OF Standard Post Measure

Phoebe looked around the students as the bell rang through the castle and signified the end of another day. It had been a great lesson learning some of the local history and legends which would be a starting point for a project for some of them wanting to do specific history O levels eventually.

“Bye,” Phoebe called as students started to leave and she saw one looking like she was taking a bit longer to leave. “You are not speeding out today Almaz?” She called over her shoulder as she realised that she might want to speak to her. She vaguely knew that the girl had, had a rough start to joining the school but in every interaction since she seemed to be getting better and better as the days went on.

"No, Miss Hunter. I was actually hoping I could speak to you for a moment," To Almaz' credit, she'd integrated well into her new situation, even if the method of her arrival and the reason for it weren't particularly the nicest. She'd proven herself a keen and intelligent student, not shy of doing the hard work. Perhaps not the social butterfly though, she wasn't the kind to involve herself in cliques and groups out of her own volition, but didn't say no to being involved, if asked. Physically she kept her distance though, preferring some space between her and others and eschewing touch.

For now though, the girl, wearing her dark shades and custom rubber based gloves, she regarded the slightly shorter woman. She still had a ways to go before she was fully grown, and was promising to be a powerful and imposing physical presence, when she did.

Well, now that was interesting. It was not often a pupil wanted to speak to her outside of class now that her abilities despite her control were well known to the pupils. She wondered if they thought she was going to see their future or something dire. "Then I am all ears," Phoebe assured stopping her organizing of papers and sheets moving to sit down in one of the student chairs and indicating the one next to her.

"I've heard said that you are the one to talk to if you want to learn to control or practice your - .. abilities," Almaz spoke, taking the indicated seat, turning it around, sitting down and folding her arms over the backrest, regarding Phoebe through dark shades, a slight spark barely perceptible through the tinted glasses. The backrest of the chair provided an instinctive barrier. Safety. Security. "And I think I'm - ... ready, to tackle that. God knows I need training."

Phoebe raised an eyebrow and wondered for a moment if the reason people had taken a step back from her was because she had somehow become that person to practice with. That actually made her more happy than worried because it did not mean the pupils were scared of her but respected her. "Well I did not know that I had become that one but I am more than willing to help. What had changed to make you want to try and get some better control?"

"Nothing changed, just - " Almaz trailed off, she hadn't expected that question. After a moment's contemplation, she shrugged a bit before continuing. "I think I'm ready for it now. For training. For trying to get some control over my - ... electricity. I've been here a while now, integrating, trying to get a semblance of a life back in order, getting used to b - ... what I am. And I feel this is the next step."

"So what kind of training would you like from me? Because I am guessing you have limited control and it is all controlled by emotions?" It normally was at this stage and she could remember her own abilities were controlled by her hormones and even know at the wrong time of the month she was more likely to have an uncontrollable vision.

"I'unno ... " Almaz shrugged a bit. She didn't know what training she wanted. Just that she wanted to see if she could learn some control over her ability. "Maybe - I wanna see how strong I am. And maybe learn how to turn it off, if I can~" she held up gloved hands, as if to illustrate her point. "So maybe one day I can touch puppies again, without - " the words trailed off, the thought unspoken, but then, it didn't need to be.

Phoebe offered a sad smile. She had seen many people over the years with abilities that left them isolated and unable to touch anything. "Do you have to wear them all the time even in your room?" She asked.

"If I'm interacting with someone or something that doesn't react well to electricity, yes. I've fried a radio, I dare not touch a computer without gloves, or a heater radiator in case someone else is touching theirs and they're connected," Almaz seemed stressed as she explained. "It's enough to make me paranoid. I don't want to hurt anyone, but I don't know how to turn this off," She reached up to take off a glove, bringing her finger close to her nose. A spark jumped as the fingertip came close enough, though it didn't seem to bother her physically. She quickly put the glove back on again.

The history teacher had seen enough weird stuff in her career to not react to the spark. "So we start there. In my experience, these types of issues are fixable with a little bit of relaxation as normally it is psychological and not physical. What sports do you do?"

"Uhm, anything that's physical," Almaz shrugged. "I haven't - ... haven't looked into what's available here. But, something - .. .strong, rather than fast, you know what I mean?" the girl observed the older woman, looking low key uneasy. As much as she had settled down here, it all still felt a little bit threatening, a little bit alien. Years of indoctrination were not easy to set aside. "Like, lifting. Weights. Instead of running. Something that builds core strength. Practises breathing."

“Yoga.” Phoebe said instantly. “I am thinking of starting a couple of groups for learning as well as extracurricular activities.” The ideas that she was having were becoming firmer in her mind without having to look into any of the futures. “I do running but I also do things to maintain my core.”

"Yoga?" Almaz seemed doubtful at first, though as she mulled it over in her mind she could see some wisdom in the recommendation. After all, it promoted awareness of self and control over breathing. It would make sense that that also helped with learning to control a - mutant power, for lack of a better word. This she could deal with. "Alright. I can do that, I think. You'll have to teach me."

“Get some books from the Library to read up a little on benefits and what to expect. And I will create an after school club around it whilst yes it will help you but it will also assist others as well as not seem like I am giving special treatment.” Yoga had always helped her when she had been training for MI13. She felt daft for not considering it earlier for Avalon.

"Sounds good," Almaz smiled, standing up from her reverse-chair again. "I'll go do that. And, thank you for taking the time to talk. I appreciate it," the girl added, grabbing her bag and making her way to the door.

"Anytime Almaz." Phoebe offered just as the woman went out the door. It might have been negative that brought the girl to her but she could turn it around next term. It was shaping up to be a busy term but for now she had Christmas holidays to plot and plan as she was not going back to London or leaving the area.


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