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Phoebe Hunter

Name Phoebe Hunter

Role Teacher: History

Second Role Team Leader

Character Information

Gender Female
Powers Precognition
Powers Description Phoebe is able to see the future, it can be in the form of conscious decision of seeing it or something hits her when least expecting. The biggest limitation of Phoebe's power is that she can't reverse time or slow it down. If she's seeing something that has a consequence down the line she has to act instantly. If she forces a vision it can leave her incapacitated for any given length of time.
Alias Oracle
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 1.57m
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Phoebe is on the short side of average but the way she carries herself more than makes up for it. She has trained and honed herself into an athlete. She views it as her duty to keep her body in top condition. She has long red hair that she loves and refuses to get cut short.

The woman has a pale skin complexion. She has a smile that can light up a room and a frown that can darken any hallway.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Phoebe is a confident, self-reliant, and introverted person, who is comfortable with she is. Her respect though, this is what she's most well-liked for. People working with her frequently count on this and her calm nature when they're feeling down.

Nobody's perfect of course and Phoebe has plenty of less favourable traits too. She tends to keep to herself unless spoken to or engaged by other people. She does not see a need to socialize in order to affirm her identity; therefore, she rarely socializes at the moment. Her relations with the students and the instructors at Xavier’s school are formal apart from a small amount of people.
Hobbies & Interests History

Personal History Phoebe was born in Salem to two kind and loving parents. Her father Louis was a police officer and her mother Charlotte was a heart surgeon. When she was growing up Phoebe was an avid gymnast who some speculated would go far in the sport, perhaps even become an Olympic-grade talent. She was on track to that lofty goal until she turned 15 despite her abilities that had surfaced three years previously. One day in gymnastics practice she vaulted she was approached by a police officer who informed her that her parents had both been killed in a car accident. It was a day that changed everything for her and created a downward spiral that led to her going to live with her aunt in the United Kingdom. It was just after she lived there for a couple of months that the young precog came under the spotlight. She was taken from her guardian, killing her in the process and use her to further their cause.

It was only an operation between MI13 freeing mutants that could be used for their cause but only willingly. The 16-year-old was adopted by one of the MI13 agents and taken to London. She was trained over the following years and joined the agency herself at 19 after becoming a British citizen. Despite all superheroes native to the British Isles being considered part of MI-13, meaning they can be called by the government, she saw it as repayment for her saving and training. And plus MI13 was the division of British Intelligence that dealt with the weird and supernatural, it was wildly interesting.
Mutant Registration Status Registered Entity