Winter's Crest Festival

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In the weeks leading up to the Christmas break Avalon Institute organises a festival for friends and family of the institute's staff and students, they extend this invitation to the local community in New Cresthill in the hopes that they can ease some of the growing concerns of the locals for having the institute so close to their town.

What could possibly go wrong?

Days of Future Past

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Taking inspiration from the many 'alternate universes' that exist in comics, the posts here are standalone plots that have nothing to do with the current plot of Avalon Institute. They may involve characters that are currently faculty or antagonists but could also be completely unrelated. Really the perfect way to get rid of some of that pent-up creative energy by writing something cool in the established X-Men: Avalon universe.

Couple of rules apply to this type of post:
1) Has to be set in the X-Men: Avalon continuity
2) If it involves characters active in the current time of Avalon, it has to be set in the (distant) past of these characters prior to them joining the Institute.
3) Cannot involve characters established in Canon (like 'the secret adventures of Professor X')
4) All posts should still abide by the Rules of the Game

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Prologue: Dawn of Avalon

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It's September 1992, the summer holiday period is coming to an end and the faculty and student body of Avalon Institute are returning to the campus in preparation of the new school year.

All Hallow's Eve

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When the planes of existence align on October 31st the Sherwood Rangers tap into an ancient energy to supercharge their plans to enforce their will on the British Isles.