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In January 1993, UK Parliament passed the controversial Mutant Registration Act, mandating that all mutants must disclose their genetic status. When Claire Cavendish, the headteacher of Avalon Institute, publicly refuses to register her status. This act of defiance attracts the wrath of the government who send a specialised military unit to manage the situation in the Scottish Highlands. As Avalon finds itself besieged they witness a country slowly spiralling into chaos as ‘Robin Hood’ and his Sherwood Rangers launch a campaign of terror.

To force a break in the stalemate Claire allows herself to be arrested and gets put on trial, leaving behind a tense situation with those staff left behind in the institute and the Genetic Oversight Unit laying siege to the ancient bastion.

Start Date Sat Jun 1st, 2024 @ 4:30
End Date Mon Sep 30th, 2024 @ 4:30

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Title Timeline Location
V is for Victory
by Duke Anthony Cavendish & James Jenkins & General Heinrich Falkenrath
18:30, Thursday, January 21st, 1993 The Wisely Country Club, Surrey, England
Envision your Future
by Phoebe Hunter & Catriona Reid & Claire Cavendish
Friday, 22nd of January, 1993 Teacher's Lounge, Avalon Institute
Two minutes to midnight
by Claire Cavendish
18:00, Thursday, January 21st, 1993 Claire's personal quarters, Avalon Institute

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