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Liana Zhao

Name Liana Zhao

Role Guidance Counsellor

Character Information

Gender Female
Powers Pyrokinetic Shapeshifting
Powers Description Lian is able to shapeshift into a fire elemental. This usually resembles a Vermillion bird, a form which gifts her the ability of short-range flight.
Alias Oriole
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8" (173cm)
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Liana is a striking mix of Chinese, Korean and German, being third-generation immigrant who has always called the United Kingdom home. Her hair colour often garners her the most attention, followed by the tattoos that mostly remain nestled beneath professional attire. Beyond that, she keeps herself fit, tends towards quite an elegant dress-code and has a generally welcoming disposition unless severely provoked.


Significant other John Haughton (ex-husband)
Children None
Parents Zhao Mei Lin (mother - half Chinese/half Korean)
Karl Schultz (father - German)
Sibling(s) Kai Schultz - brother

Personality & Traits

General Overview Liana is a gregarious, open-hearted woman known for tireless advocacy on behalf of the under-privileged and marginalised. A mutant herself, she has dedicated her career to social work, having spent a good portion of her professional life to date working alongside various mutant-lead initiatives to provide education, employment and opportunities to mutants suffering from a lack of stable residence. Currently focused on youth work, she has at times worked as a bridge between unsuspecting human parents and the programs and facilities available for supporting the development of juvenile mutants.

No matter what path her career takes, Liana is a staunch and persistent ally, fiercely intelligent and utterly tenacious in her pursuit for the best outcome for all.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Hard-working, intelligent and capable
+ Empathetic
+ Level-headed for the most part
+ Approachable, confident and friendly
- Exceptionally stubborn
- Runs on adrenaline
- If her stress levels peak, she is prone to feistiness
Ambitions Liana's objectives align with most people in her position; a world where mutants are able to pursue a life of freedom and fulfilment.
Hobbies & Interests Cooking and gardening are two ways that Liana likes to wind down. She has played violin since the age of 2 and this is also a source of solace. She is also an avid reader, though admittedly doesn't make as much time for this as she would like.

Personal History Liana is the only daughter and youngest child of two non-mutant parents. Her mother, an accomplished concert musician, is of Chinese/Korean descent, born and raised in England. Liana's father is a German chef, currently residing in Munich. The pair have been divorced since Liana was 12-years-old, and though it is common for children of this age to shoulder some sense of responsibility for parental tension, it is the unfortunate truth that Liana and her mutation were very much the centre of ongoing disputes that lead to irreconcilable differences. Torn between allegiances to both sides, Liana floundered her way through her teens, influenced far too much by her mother's prejudice and struggling with her own fear of repercussion should any of her friends or associates find out about her powers.

An early marriage at the tender age of 20 became the ultimate folly, lasting only six months before the inevitable disclosure became impossible to avoid and, metaphorically apt considering her transformative element, all hell broke loose. It was from the ashes of that relationship that Liana emerged, a literal phoenix, and set her feet on a path of study that would eventually allow her to assist other mutants who, like her, were not sure of what their place in society was.

Whilst not as extreme as the rejection many young mutants face, her mother's desire to keep things hidden resonates with many stories that Liana hears on a daily basis. Her father's acceptance continues to mean the world and plays a pivotal role in her determination on focusing not just on the children she works with, but the education of their parents. She is on good terms with both of them, though her relationship with her father is decidedly easier to maintain. She also has a strong relationship with her older brother, Kai, who works in law enforcement.
Mutant Registration Status Known Unregistered Entity
Assigned House None