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Shauna Murphy

Name Shauna Blaine Murphy

Role Student

Character Information

Gender Female
Powers Selective Invisibility
Powers Description Shauna is in the process of mastering the ability to not only render herself invisible via manipulation of light, but wield a degree of control over the extent of her invisibility and who it affects. To this end, she is able to tailor her deception to appear invisible to selected targets and not others. Her ultimate goal is to be able to prove similar stealth to others within proximity of her, though success in this regard has been extremely erratic.

Recent experimentation has revealed some capacity for nullification of other senses, primarily hearing. Though she has been unsuccessful in isolating this, meaning that it becomes an adjunct to her selective invisibility rather than a separate skill she can manipulate, Shauna has been able to improve the degree of stealth in which she is able to move whilst perception of her is low. This means she is not only obscured from visual perception but is gradually perfecting the masking of sound she directly produces. i.e. footsteps.
Alias Spectre
Age 17

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Shauna is a dancer and has the willowy build to suit. Long legs, elegant poise and and the perpetual expression of disdain for the uncoordinated. Her complexion creates a perfect dichotomy, rendering her immediately unlikely to get lost in a crowd, whilst her powers allow her to do just that.


Significant other None
Children None
Parents Nolan Murphy (Mutant, Telekinesis)
Claire Murphy (Mutant, Technokinesis)
Sibling(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Shauna is somewhat of a rarity amongst her peers in that she is a second-generation mutant of not one but two genetically-endowed parents. In Shauna's world, this relegates her to royalty status, and whilst she is far too intelligent to expect recognition on that basis alone, there is no disguising the fact that she openly pities those who lack her intrinsic understanding of what it means to be a better breed of human. Raised in household where mutant supremacy is seen is a sensible and logical evolutionary progression, Shauna doesn't typically go around asserting her superiority, she simply lives it. Arrogant, easily-dismissive, self-motivated and ambitious, Shauna isn't so much cruel as she is disinterested in those who get in her way.

As regrettable as her unshakable self-confidence can be, it is fair to say that Shauna brings enough to the table to justify it to an extent. Whilst this doesn't make her any easier to tolerate at times, it does at least ensure that she is legitimately able to hold her own in a competitive environment. An accomplished dancer, she commands the grace and agility to capitalise on the full potential of her powers, whilst a lifetime as her mother's daughter has veered her down the path of studying enough advanced computer science to already be a headache. Shauna excels academically, unless she sees no point to the content. She is exceedingly frustrating to teach as a result.
Strengths & Weaknesses + strong handle on her mutant powers
+ adept with computer systems
+ self-sufficient, self-motivated, courageous, not easily thwarted
- strong handle on her mutant powers
- adept with computer systems
- self-sufficient, self-motivated, courageous, not easily thwarted
Ambitions Too many to list. Her current one involves creating her own group of mutants keen to push the limits of their powers.
Hobbies & Interests Shauna still dances, as well as playing guitar and singing. She's also usually in the throes of writing a dozen different computer programs, utilises her powers for a number of 'entrepreneurial pursuits', and indulges in retail therapy more often than her wardrobe can handle.

Personal History Shauna was born into a family already deep in the throes of fighting for mutant rights, with both parents having suffered ostracization and abandonment by family and communities for most of their lives. She was an accidental pregnancy, her parents had been more or less determined not to have children at all, and whilst it could be argued that their choices around raising her to be unapologetically proud of her genetic heritage were understandable given their own childhoods, there's certainly no doubt that a more balanced outlook might have benefited Shauna more. Neither of her parents are particularly good at the role, having tended to treat her more or less as an adult and an ally than their own child, though they are basically good people. Tunnel-visioned, fervent and busy but most of their methods are generally moderate.


Raised amongst the mutant community all her life, Shauna was never forced to attend public school and was, instead, homeschooled until such time as she was old enough to attend Avalon. With most of her early socialisation restricted to mutants, and the children of mutants, it's probably no surprise that she can find social compromises challenging. To date, she has a file twice the size of anyone else's and a list of misdemeanors a mile long, but there is always hope. She's probably hidden it under her bed with the intent to forget it exists, but it's there.
Mutant Registration Status Known Unregistered Entity
Assigned House None