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Rebecca McMillen

Name Rebecca McMillen

Role Teacher: Art

Character Information

Gender Female
Powers Shrinking, Vermin Empathy, Enhanced Acrobatic Talents
Powers Description Shrinking: Rebecca can shrink to the size of a mouse (2" / 5cm), but cannot return to human size if there's anything stopping her. A simple animal cage can stop her (No growth momentum). Sudden frights or scares may trigger this as a defensive reflex until he control is refined.
Vermin Empathy: Can speak with and comprehend mice and rats. They consider her friendly.
Enhanced Hearing: Higher and Lower frequencies within hearing range to understand rats
Enhanced Traits: Enhanced balance, athletics (climbing)
Alias Critter
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8" / 172cm
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue Green
Physical Description A beautiful woman in her late 20's, with somewhat mousey features, some more literal than others. Her feet are closer to mouse paws then actual feet, bearing elongated digits with vestigial claws, while a thin mouse-like tail swings behind her. To this end, she's almost never barefoot outside of the manor, and she's gotten very skilled at concealing her tail. Human looking enough, and easy to conceal when needed.


Significant other None
Children None
Parents Rowan McMillen (Father)
Palma McMillen (Mother)
Sibling(s) Jillian - Younger
Marcie - Older

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rebecca is a friendly, outspoken, and downright personable teen, or at least she tries to be. She wants to help, and be helpful, and generally is there when a friend is in need. A life of enduring the torment of people usually much, much more powerful than her has taught her to be confident and resourceful.
Strengths & Weaknesses Rebecca's confidence might help her in social situations, but she is neither skilled or brave in the face of combat. Years of enduring humanity's mocking and torment have given her a unique perspective on WHY what she is doing is so important. Her open and friendly personality help sooth over troubled issues, and she tries to find the middle ground in conflicts. Though, if push comes to shove, she's not a combatant. Her powers and skills revolve around a hasty, stealthy withdraw.

It's those same skills and powers that allow her to excel in the field when stealth and subterfuge are involved. You'd be surprised how many rats there are. The other issue Rebecca has is her family. She's no fan of them, though they may be interested in getting their favorite pet back.
Ambitions Deep down, Rebecca wants to help. She wants to make the world better but she knows she alone can't do something as massive in scale as 'Change the World'. If she can help even one person come out of their proverbial, or actual, shell then it's worth it.
Hobbies & Interests Rebecca enjoys painting and drawing in her free time, as well as the occasional obstacle course. She's an avid reader, especially when the book is a cheesy romance thriller. She enjoys scary movies, but she'll never ADMIT that she likes scary movies.

Personal History Rebecca is the middle child of three from a well to do household in the city. Her father worked construction, while her mother was able to stay at home with the three sisters. Things went well, until Rebecca reached the age of thirteen and her powers came to light. At first the other two sisters were worried that they were next, but they never received any form of mutation. What they got instead, was a new toy.

Rebecca was endlessly teased and tormented by her sisters, often resigned to spending the night in a mouse cage like a pet. Her mother would scold her if she didn't play along, and insisted that spending time with her siblings was 'fine' no matter how it was. Things didn't improve much once she entered pubic school, especially since her older sister entered the system a year before she did and told the entire 'cool kid' clique about her pocket sized sibling. She was bullied mercilessly, often attending classes in her sister's shirt pocket, 'Or Else'. Any day she spent at full size was a gift, and she was reminded of this by her elder sibling, and then again the next year when her younger sister entered the system. Teachers would usually even punish HER by claiming she was 'Showing Off' or 'Being Disruptive', so in the end she just learned to get good at taking notes from wherever it was she was sitting.

She learned well that humans can be harsh to those that are different, but she learned even better that humans can be very harsh to those that they have an advantage over. While this didn't harden Rebecca to the world, it did teach her that those that couldn't help themselves NEEDED someone to help them, and NEEDED someplace safe. Then one day, she learned about that place.

And she never looked back.
Mutant Registration Status Registered Entity
Assigned House None