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Matteo Beneventi

Name Matteo Beneventi

Role Bar Man

Character Information

Gender Male
Powers Memory Manipulation
Powers Description Passive - Peripheral Concealment
Matt has a natural ability to blend into the background. Whilst he does have some control over the intensity of this, able to dial it up or down depending on his need, as a resting neutral he is usually the type of guy that nobody remembers much about. Leaves a generally good impression but nobody can recall many details and if they don't focus, he'll drift off without them sparing him a second thought.

Active - Memory Wipe
Matt is able to affect short-term memories. This ability is mostly restricted to memories less than 24-hours old and is far less effective the further from the event his attempt is. To date, he has noted that almost any attempt to affected a memory more than 72-hours old is met with failure.

Active - Suggestive Recollection
As an adjunct to his ability to wipe memories, Matt has some capacity to reshape alternatives in the form of perceptive suggestion. This happens as a direct correlation to a memory wipe and is usually accompanied by a verbal explanation that cements the implanted memory as a programmable engram.
Alias Echo
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown


Personality & Traits

Mutant Registration Status Unknown Entity
Assigned House None