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Alastair Temple

Name Alastair Temple

Role Teacher: Music

Character Information

Gender Male
Powers Shapeshifter: giant raven, shadow manipulation
Powers Description Alastair can shift into a (relatively) giant raven, about twice the wingspan of a common European, or a bit over 250cm. The process is exhausting, limiting the amount of times he can do it. His raven form makes him a strong flyer. He maintains his intelligence and memories, though loses the ability to speak complex English, only being able to mimic a few basic words, communicate in gestures and caws, low, gurgling croaks to harsh grating sounds and shrill alarm calls.

He has a limited ability to manipulate shadows. He can expand and darken or withdraw and brighten existing shadows to a certain extent. This is a new ability and he is still learning how to use it.
Alias Mr Crowley
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 195cm
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Alastair is a tall man with luxurious, long black curls, mustache and beard. He takes pride in his appearance and spends probably more time than most on looking his best. He can usually be found wearing black pressed pants, a red silk button-up shirt under a brocade black vest. Over that he wears a black, wool tailcoat.


Parents Madeline Temple
Brand Temple

Personality & Traits

General Overview Generally soft-spoken, kind and approachable, he nevertheless carries a darkness about him hidden behind a veneer of eccentricity and confidence; a sense of loneliness and inability to trust people, not unfamiliar to outcasts like him. He appreciates the darker things in life; gothic clothing, dark music, shadowy places. Yet those who take the time to get to know him will find him a loyal and helpful ally.
Strengths & Weaknesses + moderately heightened senses and speed
+ can shift into a large, powerful raven
+ excellent driver
+ excellent guitar player

- lacking a bit in stamina
- shifting forms is exhausting
- loses ability for complex speech when shifted
Hobbies & Interests Alastair enjoys a good book, a good meal, good music and a good car. He's an avid reader, mostly of supernatural fiction - urban fantasy, vampire stories are his favorite. He likes to cook and is quite adapt at making a decent meal. But his two greatest passions are playing the guitar and driving fancy, fast cars - two things he is very proficient in. His personal ride is a pearl white 1973 Nissan Skyline GT-R 'Kenmeri', and he plays (among others) a custom black Ibanez PL1770.

Personal History Born in Snowshill, Gloucestershire as an only child, Alastair's early youth was rather unremarkable. He went to a Christian school, where he spent his years in the middle of his class in almost every subject, apart from sports. Most teachers just assumed he was simply talented in the physical aspects, excelling in running and gymnastics.

... Until his power manifested in his early teens. That's when young Alastair's world turned upside down. His school kicked him out, calling him the Devil's Spawn, his parents rejected him and he ended up on the streets, trying to fend for himself. Fortunately here his power actually helped him, as he was able to hunt small animals like rats and cats, for dinner.

Eventually he ran in to what would become his best friend, a young man of similar age, called Robert McIntyre. Robert helped teach Alastair through lending him his school books and assisting him in learning. Eventually he passed on to Alastair a love of music, and taught him how to play the acoustic guitar. Alastair used this to earn some extra money busking in the streets, eventually earning enough money to buy an electric guitar.

Eventually when Robert moved out of his parents' house, Alastair moved in with him. Together the friends founded band Somnium Tenebris, Dark Sleep, with Bob on drums and Al on guitar and playing synths in the studio. Together with bass payer / vocalist Sylvain LaToure and session players on keys while touring they became remarkably successful for a melodic death metal band. Their success allowed Alastair to buy a house, as well as discover and focus in on his second hobby, fast cars. He eventually bought his dream car, a pearl white 1973 Nissan Skyline.

But eventually the dream life had to end. his long time friends, Bob and Sylvain, were killed in a traffic accident, and Somnium Tenebris was no more. Alastair sank into a depression for a while. He stopped appearing in public and became a recluse. Though after a year or two he decided to turn his entire life around. He sold his house and most of his possessions, setting out for the Avalon institute in Scotland, to offer his services as whatever was needed. Turns out, what was needed was a music teacher. Right up his alley.
Mutant Registration Status Unknown Entity
Assigned House None