All Hallow's Eve

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When the planes of existence align on October 31st the Sherwood Rangers tap into an ancient energy to supercharge their plans to enforce their will on the British Isles.

Start Date Sun Apr 2nd, 2023 @ 8:38
End Date Sun Dec 3rd, 2023 @ 8:38

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Title Timeline Location
the Physics of Music Theory
by Kaylee Ashton BSc & Alastair Temple
Music classroom
Licking her wounds
by Claire Cavendish & Kaylee Ashton BSc
November 9th, 1992 The shore of the Loch
Investment Opportunities
by Claire Cavendish & Alastair Temple
November 17th, 1992 Head Teacher's Office, Avalon Institute
Where No One Can Hear You Scream
by Sarah Bright
Following 'All Night, But Not All Right' Basement Sublevels, Avalon Institute
All Night, But Not All Right
by Claire Cavendish & Sarah Bright
Early morning after the attack, November 1st Library
Food for the Soul
by Claire Cavendish & Gabriella Baxter
16:15 hours, Tuesday, 8th of December 1992 The Corner Bakery
Lesson Two
by Alastair Temple
Music Classroom
Nights Are Fair Drawing In
by Freya Callaghan MD & Phoebe Hunter
The Glen Bar, Somewhere In Scotland
Do opposites actually attract?
by Jonathan Monroe & Kaylee Ashton BSc
November 3rd English Classroom
Seeking mechanical aid
by Cameron Johnston & Kaylee Ashton BSc
Backpost - A day or two after the battle Garage
Vintage Vinyl
by Alastair Temple & Sarah Bright
Parking Lot, Avalon Institute
Wingman and the Fall Girl Meet the Press
by Sarah Bright & Cameron Johnston
Late October, before Halloween New Cresthill
Finding A House To Make A Home
by Phoebe Hunter & Matteo Beneventi
6th December 1992 New Cresthill
What is music?
by Alastair Temple
November 1992 Music Classroom
Small Steps
by Phoebe Hunter & Rebecca McMillen
November 6th Lounge
Tudors and Ghosts
by Phoebe Hunter & Alastair Temple
November 3rd Food Hall
Black and Blue
by Jonathan Monroe & Alastair Temple
November 4th Faculty Lounge
Confectionary Wonder
by Rebecca McMillen & Gabriella Baxter
Bakery - New Cresthill
Back away slowly
by Mhairi McIntyre & Cameron Johnston
Right after 'Ride or Die' Avalon Institute, Exterior
Hell hath no fury
by Claire Cavendish & Phoebe Hunter
Early morning, Wednesday, September 3rd, 1992 Underground Avalon Base
Beautiful Pieces
by Rebecca McMillen & Jhanvi Dhar
2nd of November, 1992 School grounds
A burning favor (get it? because it's about burners? ... I'll see myself out)
by Alastair Temple & Valjean Beaumont
November 3rd Kitchen
Garage Inc.
by Mhairi McIntyre & Cameron Johnston & Alastair Temple
November 3rd Graeme's Garage
Trifles Light As Air
by Jonathan Monroe & Mia Misati
November 8th English Classroom
Talking shop
by Alastair Temple & Cameron Johnston
November 3rd Garage / workshop

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