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Jhanvi Dhar

Name Jhanvi Lochan Dhar

Role Secretarial

Character Information

Gender Female
Powers Metamorphosis (human restricted)
Powers Description Able to fabricate genetic blueprints through the absorption of DNA material through her skin, Jhanvi can theoretically transform herself into a near-perfect replica of any human being she touches. Whilst her control has improved over the years to mostly negate the possibility of spontaneous transformation, there are limits to how long she can sustain a metamorphosis and the process itself still remains incredibly painful. For this reason, Jhanvi is very reluctant to utilise her potential and is quite insular, preferring to keep a physical distance from others to avoid any consent issues that surround her ability to render herself a perfect doppleganger by something as simple as holding hands.
Alias Mimic
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green/Blue
Physical Description Jhanvi's eyes are her most striking attribute, pale by comparison to the rest of her colouring though also vibrant enough under certain circumstances to appear almost luminescent. Her tendency to keep herself shrouded, or at the very least covered head-to-toe, doesn't allow for much disclosure beyond her facial features but her skin is clear and her smile, if she can be coaxed into it, betrays her sweet nature.


Significant other None
Children None
Parents Abandoned not long after birth. Birth family currently unaccounted for.
Sibling(s) Unknown.
Jhanvi has perfected a genetic imprint for her fraternal twin, an unviable fetus chromosomally male. Whilst she tends to favour her female form, there were certainly times in the past where presenting as male was far more favourable.
Other Family Pulled off the streets at age 13, Jhanvi has resided in London under the guidance and guardianship of fellow shapeshifter Diana Warburton ever since.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jhanvi is a complex woman who, in many ways, is still figuring herself out. With her entire childhood spent in abject poverty, abandoned by superstitious parents of already limited-means, her formative years were decidedly lacking in stimulation and any formal education was practically non-existent. To say that this has led to an extensive inferiority complex in her current situation is a considerable understatement and, despite the massive improvements she's made, Jhanvi still has a tendency to carry herself like a second-class citizen. Quietly introspective to a fault, unlikely to speak up unless a direct appeal is made, and hesitant to consider her opinions carry any kind of authority, the gentle mutant is nevertheless an information sponge and has a keen sense of observation and perspective that can prove invaluable if she's ever coaxed to share.

When it comes to her powers, Jhanvi is at a stage in her life where her preferences veer towards avoidance. Sheer desperation and lack of viable alternatives saw her utilise her abilities extensively as a means to survive the streets of Dhaka but those experiences were not only unpleasant from the perspective of being excruciatingly painful at times, they also carry an element of shame and remorse at the inevitable harm caused to others by her attempts to purloin their identities.
Strengths & Weaknesses As was noted during her early assessments once official identification opened the pathway to a change in location and circumstance, Jhanvi is highly intelligent and inventive, with a staggeringly high pain threshold and above-average healing factor. It has also been noticed that, despite being of a generally reserved disposition, the woman is an exceptional performer and keen observer of human behaviour, skills developed out of sheer necessity since physical appearance alone isn't enough to survive high-stakes duplicity.

There has been some concern over the years that the nature of her powers, and the circumstances around the early development of their application, may have created a psychological hornet's nest that has made it hard for Jhanvi to maintain a strong sense of self. Extensive and ongoing therapy has helped to mitigate any tendency to detach and dissociate and it appears that the mutant is mostly able function as an independent entity with a defined identity, but there remain concerns over her strong attachment to the genetic alter-ego that inhabited much of her early life.
Ambitions It wouldn't be unfair to say Jhanvi doesn't have many ambitions at the moment other than to find a place to exist where she feels useful. She is still coming to terms with being a loud-and-proud mutant, and the notion of transparency often scares her, but she does have a quiet determination to help others like her, who may be struggling on their own due to abandonment and persecution.
Hobbies & Interests Having caught up on formal education somewhat, Jhanvi is an avid reader and will often choose her own company and a quiet corner than busy or crowded social venues. She also sews, makes her own jewelry and has a deep and abiding affinity for animals, particularly her pet rats.

Personal History Jhavi was born into poverty in the slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh, the sixth child of a previously-unextraordinary lineage that has never, at least to the best of her very limited knowledge, ever produced a mutation prior to her arrival. Whilst the circumstances surrounding her time in-utero have been pieced together from examinations and speculation well over 13 years after the fact, it is generally accepted that her mother's pregnancy was likely a difficult one and that, at some point, involved the fertilization of two separate eggs. As there is no record to prove the survival of the second twin, there is no conclusive way to determine if Jhavi's masculine appearance and the control she has over it is the result of absorbing her twin entirely, or just a product of such close proximity during gestation. She has certainly never met her brother, nor any of her other family for that matter.

With no connections to her birth family and, therefore, no way of securing information to confirm current suspicions, it has also been assumed that Jhavi's subsequent birth and the manifestation of her powers lead to her abandonment, the only clue being a hastily and poorly-written note left along with the tiny eight-month-old that simply read Anger has no eyes. She was shunted from orphanage to orphanage until, at the age of six, she was taken with a group of others by the local crime syndicate, a corrupt arrangement that was fairly rampant across the city at the time. In exchange for meagre lodgings, poor fare and limited security, these children became the eyes and ears of their handlers.

It is without any surprise that it took very little time for Jhavi to become the focus of intense interest by those further up the food chain. Exploited, manipulated and eventually hunted after she used her powers to abscond, it wasn't until the solitary street rat encountered an entirely unrelated problem, and the group of mutants swept up in an attempt to resolve it, that she fell onto the radar of those who had the capacity to elevate her beyond her wretched existence. Whilst she remained difficult to locate at first, far too adept at avoiding intentions to track her down for even a group of mutants to find her particularly easy to trace, it was eventually Jhavi's own curiosity and the constant threat that life in Dhaka presented that saw her consent to relocation on her own terms. It was not an easy transition by any means.

Kept as a ward of the state and confined mostly to institutions designed to monitor and assess children such as herself, Jhavi escaped several times before it was accepted that she required a far more stable situation, and the opportunity to live a life away from the scrutiny and sheer relentlessness of constant survival priorities. Fostered to a mutant with similar abilities to her own, Jhavi took a while to adjust but eventually began to thrive as private tuition gave her the tools to capitalize on her impressive intellect. Learning to read and write, to become functionally numerate, and then extend her exposure into content that required greater analysis, access to education became the impetus behind the young teenager's decision to stop running. Entering mainstream school for the first time at age 16 came with its own issues but, for the most part, Jhavi was finally in a place where establishing connections didn't seem like such a terrible idea.

Fast forward several years and Jhavi has spent most of the past decade since arriving in London simply catching up. Learning how to operate in society, learning English, mastering her mutation and completing her education have absorbed her attention to the point of excluding most other pursuits. Finally ready to embrace the challenge of employment, she is once again reliant on the people who saved her and steps into her position as administration assistant with a degree of trepidation tempered by curiosity. It will certainly be the first time that she has co-existed with quite so many mutants in such a a normal and productive setting.
Mutant Registration Status Registered Entity