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Freya Callaghan

Name Freya Anne Rose Callaghan MD

Role Teacher: Biology

Second Role Field Medic

Character Information

Gender Female
Powers Healing/Curing, Abnormal Lifespan, Physical Regeneration and Resistance.
Powers Description Her healing/curing skills are as they suggest. Freya can detect injuries and illnesses within the body of another and has the ability to heal most. Common colds to broken bones and cancer for scale.

However, she has found that when she heals someone she takes on their injury or illness for a short time as her body transfers it to her to heal. The larger the injury the more energy and strength it takes for her to heal and she can become weak as a result. If someone suffers a fatal shot to the head or heart that would kill someone she would not heal them. This would also kill her if the wound was transferred. She cannot reverse death if it occurs.

Another part of her healing abilities is that she has a faster rate of personal physical healing hence why she can take a lot of damage. This is linked to her physical resistance, protection of her body. Her body is stronger and can take more of a beating than most due to her regeneration ability.

As part of her healing ability she has an abnormal lifespan. She ages slower than normal Humans but is far from immortal.
Alias Cleric
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 1.63 m
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Freya is what you would consider petite, or small, in stature and sometimes the way she holds herself she can appear even smaller. Can often be seen in more natural colours with her hair colour changing often.

When she smiles the room seems a little brighter.


Parents Senator James Callaghan (Senator, Georgia State) - No powers
Kathleen Callaghan (née Harrison) - No powers
Sibling(s) Patrick Callaghan (older brother, no powers)
Aiden Callaghan (older brother, no powers)
Cooper Callaghan (older brother, no powers)

Personality & Traits

General Overview "Love one another and help others to rise to higher levels, simply by pouring out love. Love is infectious and the greatest healing energy.” - Sai Baba

Freya believes this with her whole heart. A strong believer in keeping love in your heart even in the darkest moments of life.

She is caring, loving to a fault and down to earth (no pun intended) in her personality. Freya may be too trusting of others at times, trying to see the good in everyone can be exhausting but she tries.
Strengths & Weaknesses Freya strength comes from her ability to heal most injuries. This can range from anything as small as the common cold to something drastic such as a mortal wound on a body, or a disease like cancer.

The downside to this is she suffers from the injury/disease for a period of time as it is a transference process as well as healing. This can leave her weak at the time of a large heal, or multiple healings over a short time.

She is quite empathetic and this helps when it comes to healing people in need, and in general everyday life.
Ambitions To keep people safe when possible, and to heal those in dire need of help.

To teach the next generation of young mutants.
Hobbies & Interests Likes to read when she has the time and listen to music as it helps her keep calm, lowers her anxiety.

Will add more.

Personal History Born in 1963 on a warm summer's afternoon in Atlanta, Georgia. Freya was born to parents James Callaghan, a governor of Atlanta at the time who would later become senator for the whole state, and mother Kathleen Callaghan, a former nurse who left the profession to have her children.

Freya is the youngest of 4 children, and the only girl to be had by the Callaghan's.

It wasn’t apparent that Freya had powers when she was born. There were no physical differences from her than other children so her abilities were not always apparent from the offset. As time moved on there were little signs such as she didn’t get sick or if she got hurt it would heal quicker than what was thought ‘normal’, not overtly obvious but over time her parents connected some dots. There were other times too when her older brothers would complain of feeling unwell to miraculously feel better within hours if not even less time.

There were rumours of ‘mutant’s in the world. As the world grew smaller they seemed to be coming out of the woodwork and even more so their devastating effect on the human insecurity complex grew.

Her parents took her to a special ‘doctor’ and had some tests run on her and where it was confirmed she had a mutation within her genes. However, given it was the early 70’s by that point it wasn’t particularly easy to pinpoint and ‘diagnose’.

James, her father, wanted to keep her away from the world. Scared of what it would do to his political reputation and their family life in the south he had Freya homeschooled until middle school when she started to push for a more normal life. By now she was 11 and had found a grasp on her powers, her abilities had become more powerful and at times dangerous. Her parents let her go to ‘normal’ school because at their countryside residence, on the outskirts of Atlanta, she’d gotten so angry once at being told no about going to school she’d lashed out in anger towards her father and broke his arm. She hadn’t meant to, all she had done was grab it as he walked away from her but the snap in the bone was all too clear and his mood the same as he swung around and smacked her down away from him. She begged forgiveness, told him she could help but he didn’t want anything more to do with her and shipped her off to boarding school as a result.

Boarding school was fun, or it was to her given it was a better experience than being stuck in that large country home back in Atlanta. There were no looks of disgust or fear as she walked down the corridors, just the normal judgement of adolescence and glares from teachers who seemed to hate their jobs.

Freya took to nature subjects, and biology most of all. She made friends, most notably Amanda and Michelle, and made it to high school graduation with little fuss and keeping her powers in check. There were a few incidents of the years that caused confusion with the faculty and students alike but they could never explain anything. Not the cure of a sudden outbreak of measles that hit the school during one winter period. Nor the fact that for Freya’s size and build she was strangely good during gym, competing with most of the boys at some levels.

Her parents kept in contact with sporadic letters, occasional meetings and whenever she went home her family were always off on some campaign trail for her father’s career. When he became senator his paranoia grew and the fear of Freya’s powers being found troubled him greatly. As his popularity grew the ‘missing daughter’ became a story that swept all of Georgia, and why she was rarely seen with them in public. James stated that Freya was a very private person, didn’t like the limelight and supported him greatly behind the scenes.

However, Freya overheard her older brother Cooper talking about “dads latest project”, he was building some strange room in the basement for her and she decided as her schooling finished not to return home. She’d secretly been applying for medical school in the United Kingdom and had been accepted. So, at the age of 18 she disappeared into the night and her father painted it as her wanting to explore Europe and ‘find herself’ but she was studying to become a doctor and he could not have been more proud.

Truth be told he didn’t know where she was and only through letters did he know anything at all.

She was accepted into the University of Edinburgh School of Medicine and graduated in 1988 with a speciality in emergency medicine. Later applying for citizenship through naturalisation in 1989 after living in the UK for for 8 years at that time.

However, in 1992 she was working in the Royal Victoria Hospital in Dundee when a building collapsed and there were many who were rushed to A&E. Freya swore she’d only use her powers for small things, maybe a nudge in the right direction, a little cure of cancer maybe occasionally, but she couldn’t help it here. The despair, pain and suffering was too much and she ended up pushing herself too far and being found out by a colleague and friend, Dr Elijah Anderson.

She ran, and heard that MI-13 visited the hospital shortly after due to the unnatural healing of many of those thought to be too far gone to save. An investigation was launched but they haven’t quite found Freya yet.
Mutant Registration Status Registered Entity
Assigned House None