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Seeking mechanical aid

Posted on Sat Nov 18th, 2023 @ 11:21 by Cameron Johnston & Kaylee Ashton BSc

Chapter: All Hallow's Eve
Location: Garage
Timeline: Backpost - A day or two after the battle
1736 words - 3.5 OF Standard Post Measure

Walking into the schools workshop, Kaylee looked around for Cameron. She was in need of a little automotive assistance and she figured the guy literally teaching kids to destroy toasters might be the best place to start.

Not seeing him on her first glance around, her next step was to call out, “hello? Is the mechanic in?”

Cameron was, for once, actually sat down. It wasn't at his desk, which was squashed into an office currently full of boxes, but at one of the workshop benches at the instructional end of the vast space. The pair of glasses perched on the end of his nose were not aiding his vision much, being more or less suited for additional protection and thusly completely forgotten about now that he'd switch tact from the task that had required them to begin with. Spread out in front of him, several official looking forms seemed to be causing him a degree of disgruntlement, enough that any interruption might be considered welcome. "Up back!," he called out, face screwed up in consternation at the section he was currently trying to complete.

Hearing the call from further in, Kaylee carefully made her way through the garage to the office. Giving the door frame a knock before entering, Kaylee put on a smile, “hey Cam, can I get you to have a look at something on my Jeep? I think the Spark Plugs need replacing” she asked before noticing how stressed Cam appeared to be, “is everything ok?”

"Purchase orders," he replied, as if that answered everything. Paperwork was the bane of his existence, though by now there was scope to argue that if he'd learned how to fill it in correctly the first place without defaulting to asking someone else to do it, there was at least a chance it would have been second nature by now. With Reagan gone, there was really only Jon left to bother anyway, and the English teacher was less of a pushover in that regard. Far more inclined to insist on stepping him through it. Pushing up from his seat, Cameron left the forms where they were and approached. "I can take a look though. How's she been running?"

“She’s been running well up till now. On occasion I did have a little trouble getting her started, like she’d make a ticking sound for a few seconds before turning over.” Kaylee answered before glancing at Cam’s Purchase Orders. “You know, I could put you in contact with my father for most of these parts. He may not have them on hand, but he’ll know who to call”

"Local supply is usually decent, just apparently there's an order to things that we have to follow now." Cameron scratched his cheek, displaced annoyance given his usual preference of avoiding outright criticism. "Claire's new secretary seems right on the ball with documentation, and seems like I need all these filled out before the school will fund a supply run. Still, enough of that, let's take a look at what's up with your wheels."

Kaylee was about to point out that with his speed paperwork shouldn't be a problem, but chose to let it go for now, "come on, i've got her hour front" she said as she lead the way back out of the garage. Taking the keys out of her pocket, Kaylee made her way over to the drivers side door to open the hood, "I'm hoping it's just the spark plugs, but I haven't driven her around in colder temperatures before" she said as she pulled the level to release the hood which popped open with a metallic ting.

For a moment, Cameron wasn't sure if she was having him on. A sideways glance didn't shed much light on the woman's intent and yet he remained somewhat determined not to put his foot in it by pointing out that not subjecting things to the cold seemed a little anti her entire ethos. He hadn't had a lot to do with Kaylee but first impressions suggested a degree of sensitivity about her powers, even if she had apologised for chewing him out. He opted for saying nothing and propped up the hood to lean over and have a look. "Start her for me?"

Climbing up into the drivers seat, Kaylee quickly put the key into the ignition and gave it a turn. As she did, an electronic clicking sound came from the engine block. After a moment, Kaylee turned the key back and poked her head out of the cabin, "that's what it's been doing. sometimes I can convince it to start, but it's becoming more and more difficult."

"And she's only just started doing this?" Head-first in the hood, Cameron's voice was partially muffled.

"yea she started a couple of weeks ago. Once she kicks over she runs fine. It's just getting her started that seems to be the problem" Kaylee explained, "will she live doc?"

"I don't think we need to plan a service for her yet. At least not of the funerary kind." Leaving the hood up, Cam gestured for the woman to hop back out and then took his leave for just long enough to grab his toolbag. Content enough to investigate Kaylee's own hunch, he disconnected the wires to one the spark plugs and used a rag snatched from his belt to clean around the area and down into the chamber before pulling the plug itself out. With a quick glance upwards, he considered his audience and remembered his manners. "How are you doing, anyway? Been a heck of a few days."

“You’re telling me. Every time I yawn, stretch, burp, cough or sneeze I get this shooting pain in my chest from what that bitch did” Kaylee said, giving the middle of her chest a gentle rub, “that plus being constant pushed by my subconscious to train harder and harder. Other than that, I’m fine. How are you doing?”

A non-committal sound was the closest thing Cam ever got to a direct complaint, at least outside his closer circle. Straightening as he pulled up one of the plugs for inspection, he glanced quickly at the other mutant and offered her a crooked grin. "I mean, I figured out I can dodge bullets, so I guess that's something I've now got to figure out how to practise. If I were you," he added, his attention returning to the task, "I would just avoid moving at all. We're probably still in the sympathy period, we can get you a bell and you can stay in bed." A wink passed the comment off as a tease and Cam turned to lay the spark plug down in order to inspect the next.

“I ain’t that kinda gal mister” Kaylee said in a southern American accent, though the twang wasn’t quite there, “besides, I have classes to teach and speedy mechanics to bother, I can’t just lay about all day feeling sorry for myself. That’s what weekends are for”

"That's the spirit," Cameron replied, holding the plug in his hand up to his light. "Well, do you want the good news, the good news or the bad news?"

Kaylee gave Cam a half smile, “Hit me with the bad news first, maybe the good news will sooth the pain”

Bent over for a moment to replace the last plug, Cameron then cast a final gaze over his work before rising and making his way around to the driver's side. "Well, unfortunately, you've absolutely failed at bothering me." He offered a wink before slipping into the seat and reaching down to turn the ignition. The engine roared to life, coaxed somewhat by the press of a foot to the accelerator for good measure. "But it looks like we've successfully resuscitated and I've got a couple of seniors who could do with some experience if you want to save some money and let us service her properly."

Giving a sigh of relief as her Jeep kicked over without another issue, Kaylee turned to Cam, "sure, if you think they know enough to do a decent job, they can give her a service." she said, walking over to him, "not that I don't trust you or your students, but this would be the first non-official service she's ever had. I just normally take her back to Father's shop and do it there."

"They'll be supervised," he assured her. "It'll give me a chance to look a little closer because your plugs needed cleaning and replacing them wasn't far off being necessary, but I'd just like to make sure she's not got something bigger brewing before the bad weather sets in." Reaching up to rub at the back of his neck, Cameron then moved to lower the hood strut and eased it back down with a push to click it into place. "Even if I guess being stuck in the snow isn't much of the same threat to you as the rest of us."

Kaylee was about to respond to Cam's snow comment before biting her tongue. He had just been nice enough to help her out with her Jeep. "well I'm sure being snowed in wouldn't be a problem to you either. I'm sure a quick run into town would keep you warm enough."

"As long as the power's not out, I need a jump-start." Patting the hood, Cameron picked up his toolkit and stepped back. "She's all yours for now, just bring her in when you can go without her overnight."

Kaylee gave Cam a small laugh, “Cam, I live here now. You can take her whenever you want. It’s not like I’m going to be going anywhere anytime soon” she said with a slight note of sadness in her voice. It wasn’t much, you’d probably need to be a musician or be able to think three times faster than everyone else to pick it up, “in fact, I wouldn’t mind sitting in on the service if that’s ok. It’s been a while since I worked on a car”

Cameron lifted his hands in a spread of supplication, knowing better by now than to argue with a woman who'd already made up her mind. "Tomorrow after work for you?"

Kaylee nodded in response, "sounds great, see you then"



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