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Kaylee Ashton

Name Kaylee Ashton BSc

Role Teacher: Physics

Character Information

Gender Female
Powers Cryokenetics
Powers Description Kaylee’s powers can be basically defined as the ability to turn moisture into ice and then control the ice that is created. However this doesn’t give the full range of her abilities. Through her abilities, she is able to not only create ice from any moisture around her, but control any ice that she comes across from simple ice cubes from a freezer to natural ice such as snow and hail.

The larger the amount of ice Kaylee needs to make, the more energy and effort it takes from her. Anything up to the size of a large dog can be done with little effort. Anything between a dog an a tall person takes some effort and leaves her winded. Anything larger than a person can be done, but at extreme risk to Kaylee as the toll it takes on her body can be extreme and often leads to her completely blacking out. In an effort to counteract this, she has tried to improve her endurance, but results so far are minimal.

Kaylee’s body temperature is naturally lower then what is normal for human and this can physically manifest as having cold feeling skin and a slightly pail complexion.

Most of Kaylee’s abilities are external to her own body, though this could be just as a result of her not testing that kind of ability. For the most part, she used her ice powers to create objects like walls, ice slicks and generally freeze objects and people. Her prefered form of close quarters combat is to create a rapier out of ice and use her trained fencing skills to defeat her opponents.

To date, Kaylee has relied on instinct and mental focus to use her abilities. If asked outright, she wouldn’t be able to tell you where her powers come from.

As her abilities are centred around the creation and manipulation of ice crystals, her abilities have two major weaknesses; Fire or high temperatures and sonic frequencies or intense vibrations that can shatter her constructs. While she can mitigate one of these a little by reducing the ambient temperature of an area either just before or during a fight, this takes time and can leave her vulnerable to attack. As such, the stealthy approach is preferred when using this technique.

The best way to keep Kaylee from using her abilities is to remove as much moisture from the area as possible and keep the ambient temperature above 30C/86F. This will give her less material to work with and limit the range and effectiveness of her powers.

There is a theory that Kaylee could use fluids like blood for her abilities, but the very idea creeps her out.
Alias Snow / Poli’ahu
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10" / 177.8cm
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Kaylee's general appearances would make her stand-out a little due to her white hair at such a young age. Although she’s tried to pass it off as platinum blonde before, not always with success. When ever she is teaching or out in the field, Kaylee ties her long hair up in a pony tail to keep it up and out of her way, but when she’s off duty from either responsibility, she likes to let her hair hang loose. Her eyes have a pale blue colour to them with flecks of white which give them a bit of a shimmer when in direct sunlight.

Having grown up in a middle class settings in London, Kaylee’s fashion tastes trend towards more utilitarian and formal then casual. She prefers to wear medium length dresses while teaching or in the field as the medium dress allows her more freedom of movement and she just finds them more comfortable. She tends to prefer lighter colours but often ends up wearing whites or pale blues. While she does have more casual clothes line tracksuit paint and baggy t-shirts, those she prefers to wear as bed clothing or for days spent at home. Though due to her living at both the university and near where she worked at MI-13, she hasn’t warn these kinds of clothes outside of sleeping.

Thanks to her interst in the sport of fencing she picked up at Uni, Kaylee does what she can to remains physically fit and agile.


Parents John Ashton (Father)
Sarah Ashton (Mother)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Outwardly, Kaylee is a polite and kind individual who doesn’t try to be the centre of attention. Instead she simply responds to the energy of those around her and keeps quiet when a conversation is happening around her, unless she is addressed directly.

Her teaching style would actually be quite a contrast to those who have only met her in a public setting. She is strict and firm with her students, making sure that they pay attention in her lessons, but she also makes it clear that if they have any questions or concerns, they can bring them to her any time between classes or for at least an hour after school as she tends to remain behind in her classroom preparing for the next day’s lesson or the next weeks sets of material.

Due to Kaylee actively suppressing her powers during her late teens and early twenties, She has developed a kind of sub-personality that only tends to appear as a survival instinct. Whenever she feels that she has been backed into a corner or she otherwise encounters a danger she thinks is too much for her to handle, the other person emerges.

Going by the name Poli’ahu from hawaiian mythology, this person is confident, arrogant and aggressive, if not straight out rude. She shows no mercy to those who stand against her and displays a far greater control over Kaylee’s abilities then Kaylee herself does.

After the danger is dealt with, the sub-personality tends to recede, leaving Kaylee feel drained and exhausted. The few occations that this has happened so far has become one of Kaylee’s greatest motivations to learn to fully control her powers.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Calm, Caring, Understanding
+ Can Command respect from a class when needed

- Can be seen as a wallflower
- Inexperienced when it comes to relationships
Hobbies & Interests Kaylee has a hobby in Fencing which she picked up from her social interactions at university

She also has an interest in Chemistry and how it can relate to Physics and the other sciences.

Personal History Born in London, England, Kaylee had a fairly privileged childhood compared to most after the second world war. Her family owned and run a car manufacturing plant under the company Land Rover. The family had made it’s money during and between the two world wars as the British Government had requisitioned Kaylee’s family’s plant for military production.

Kaylee’s father was a ‘normal’ human and ran the family manufacturing plant. Her mother was a closet mutant who had done her best throughout her life to hid her abilities. She was a homemaker, staying at home and raising Kaylee.

Although her family had money, her father was smart enough not to spoil his daughter and to teach her the value of a hard days work. Taking her into the manufacturing plant as a kid, Kaylee’s father showed her the hard working men and women on the work floor and explained to them in as basic terms as he could think of that those men and women working hard out there are the reason she had all of her fancy toys at home. While Kaylee was a little too young to fully understand what this ment, it would be a lesson for her later in life.

For the most part, Kaylee’s childhood and early school life was pretty normal. It wasn’t until high-school that her life would become interesting. During her second last year in High-school, Kaylee’s powers manifested one day during class. It started out as simple decrease in her body temperature. She didn’t even notice at first until the students that sat nearby her in class tended to feel colder then usual, which might have been nice during summer, but during winter was less appreciated. At first it didn’t occur to Kaylee that it was her fault, but one day as one of her pencils froze in her hand.

Talking about it to her mother the evening after returning home from school, Kaylee was sat down at the dinner table with both her parents and was told that she was a mutant and she was the source of the cold that was freezing things and making those around her feel colder. Doing what she could to help Kaylee control her new found abilities, her mother worked with her every night for at least an hour after school on breathing techniques to help Kaylee keep her powers under control.

Over the next few months, Kaylee would gain some form of control over her new abilities, although she started to notice that her body temperature would drop dramatically during her time of the month. During these days, Kaylee would stay at home sick from school and during the worst of it would seclude her self in the bathroom in a tub of warm water, which she had to reheat every half-hour or so.

At the start of her last year of school, Kaylee started to date a boy in her year, Caleb. The first time the two of them got physical, due to the heightened emotions and stress her powers asserted themselves in a new way, causing not only the air around her to become cold while her body temp dropped, but her skin to become cold to the touch. Her temperature dropped so dramatically that she ended up giving Caleb a freezer burn on his arms, legs and upper torso. Quickly rushing into his shower, the pair of them spent the rest of the night under the warm running water. While he was definitely surprised, Kaylee had told Caleb about her unique quirk earlier in their dating life and he didn’t care for her any less, even after the events of that night.

The next day, the two of them had a quick discussion about what happened, and to Kaylee’s surprise, Caleb had already come up with a reason for his burns. He told anyone who asked that he forgot to turn on the cold water during a shower, leaving only the boiling hot water running, so when he stepped into the water, he gave himself a nasty burn. Although this would pass a precursory examination of his injuries until they healed, a more discerning eye could tell these burns weren’t from heat.

After this, rumours started to spread around the school that Caleb was a mutant and the burns were from his own powers. Taking these rumours as an opportunity, a group of three boys cornered both Caleb and Kaylee at the top of a flight of stairs. With one of the boys holding Kaylee back, the other two started to push Caleb around, calling him Muty and other derogatorily terms. Before Caleb could fight back, one of the bullied pushed him a little too hard, sending him rolling down the stairs. By the time Caleb reached the bottom of the flight, he was dead having hit his head against the edge of one of the steps on his way down.

Seeing her boyfriend killed by these bullies, Kaylee’s powers went haywire and in a scream of rage and pain, Kaylee’s powers reduced the temperature around them so dramatically that the hallway turned into a winter wonderland so fast that the walls around them became compromised structurally and began to collapse. The bullies had also been frozen in the event. Leaving the bullies to their fate, Kaylee quickly made her way down to Caleb’s body and dragging him out of the collapsing building just in time. As the school wasn’t far from emergency services, the collapsing building was quickly cleared and made safe, only leaving part of the building damaged. When the three bullies were eventually found, they were all dead.

Questioned by both the authorities and the school staff, Kaylee simply said that she didn’t know what caused the collapse and that Caleb had tripped down the stairs in their rush to get out of the building.

This event caught the attention of both MI-13 and HPL, but due to the event being called an accident, and Kaylee’s ice having melted by the time the rescue team arrived, neither organisation got involved.

Horrified by what she’d done, Kaylee withdrew into herself and would often lock herself in her bedroom whenever she wasn’t at school. After a month of trying, her parents managed to convince her to relax a little while at home with them and they even came to an agreement with her school to allow Kayley to stay at home and complete her school work there for the rest of the year.

After taking the time to process what happened, Kaylee decided to try and figure out what was happening to her and what these abilities of hers could do. Mentally, Kaylee swore to never use her abilities again in an attempt to appear more normal. This choice would lead to her mental schism and would result in the sub-personality that called itself Poli’ahu.

After graduating high-school, Kaylee wanted to understand her abilities through the lens of science, and so chose to apply to the Queen Mary University in London as they offered course in physics. Fortunately, Her Exam scores were high enough for her to gain entry without a problem.

Kaylee’s first year of Uni was spent taking time to get used to her new life staying at the university and attending classes. It was quite the adjustment for her. In her second year, she decided to add a minor in Chemistry to her bachelor as she found most of the course work crossed over between the subjects and she wanted to apply some of the atomic theories she’d come across in her studies and Chemistry seemed like the best place to start.

Towards the end of her second year, Kaylee was approached by a member of MI-13 with an interesting offer. This representative offered her a position with MI-13 studying the strange occurrences happening around the UK. In truth, it was a study of mutant activity, but that wasn’t to be revealed. Unsure about the offer, Kaylee said she needed time to think about it. In response, The representative gave her a contact number she could use when she made up her mind.

After the meeting, Kaylee chose to finish her studies before taking the offer. She figured if she was going to help, she might as well know as much as she could before hand. It was also during this year that she joined the University fencing club. She figured this would be a good way to get back out there and make some new friends, or at least brush up on her social skills.

In her fourth year, she decides to acquire a teaching degree as a backup in case this offer turned out to be nothing but a prank or in case the position was time sensitive. With this, she could end up as a teacher at any school in the county, and maybe even overseas if the opportunity presented itself.

After graduation, Kaylee took a few weeks off at home to think about what path she wanted to pursue and eventually she decided to roll the dice and gave the number she had been given a call. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the number was disconnected. So she went to her fallback plan of teaching.

However, the number being disconnected was a security procedure for MI-13. Not long after Haylee made the call, the very person who had approached her at the University called her back and re-offered her the position, which this time she accepted.

The next few years were spent at one of MI-13’s facilities, examining the physical impacts of various mutant abilities on the building materials that were being used or had been used in construction over the plast 100 years. This was to be used as a method to determine how great an impact certain powers would have on the buildings in large cities and which ones were more likely to suffer a collapse.

Over her time with MI-13, Kaylee’s powers began to become unstable as her sub-personality began to assert itself more and more frequently, causing Kaylee to become a danger to those around her. Now with an understanding of what her powers could do to structural materials and the growing presence of mutants around the UK, Kaylee approach her supervisor about her concerns regarding her own powers and her desire to learn to control them. After a few discussions. Kaylee was directed to a new Institution being set up in Northern Scotland called the Avalon Institute where it’s founder, Claire Cavendish, was establishing a school for mutants where they could feel safe and explore their powers away from the prying eyes of society
Mutant Registration Status Registered Entity
Assigned House None