Prologue: Dawn of Avalon

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It's September 1992, the summer holiday period is coming to an end and the faculty and student body of Avalon Institute are returning to the campus in preparation of the new school year.

Start Date Fri Jul 15th, 2022 @ 8:43
End Date Thu May 11th, 2023 @ 8:43

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Title Timeline Location
The Necessary Evils
by Rebecca McMillen & Jhanvi Dhar
TBD Storeroom 2 to Jhanvi's Office
The Basics of Ethics
by Claire Cavendish & Oliver Bloomfield
Thursday, October 1st 1992 Classroom, Avalon Institute
Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Soup
by Sarah Bright & Reagan D'Angelo & Cameron Johnston
The day after 'The Stairway of Doom' Sarah's Room
There's a rat in the kitchen, what am I gonna do?
by Rebecca McMillen & Valjean Beaumont
Kitchen, Avalon Institute
A classroom of your very own
by Rebecca McMillen & Claire Cavendish
Thursday, October 1st 1992 Art class, Avalon Institute
Pick Your Battles
by Mhairi McIntyre & Cameron Johnston
Immediately after "Three Messages" the Blue Door Inn, a.k.a. Top Pub, New Cresthill
The Stairway of Doom
by Cameron Johnston & Sarah Bright
Stairway of Doom, Avalon Institute
Cold Meets Hot
by Cameron Johnston & Jonathan Monroe & Kaylee Ashton BSc
After sentinel attack Various
Sherwood Forest
by Robert Closeley & Heather Redding
Monday, September 28th, 1992 Sherwood Rangers' Secret hide-out
Like Clockwork
by Sarah Bright
Tuesday Evening, September 29th, 1992 (several hours after 'The Kids are Alright') Library, Avalon Institute
Possible Impossibilities
by Rebecca McMillen & Kaylee Ashton BSc
Tuesday, September 29, 1992 Common Room
Take the Press-ure off
by Claire Cavendish & Jonathan Monroe
Monday, September 28th, 1992 Head Teacher's Office, Avalon Institute
The Kids are Alright
by Sarah Bright & Catriona Reid
Tuesday Afternoon, September 29th, 1992 (immediately following 'Hall Pass') Library, Avalon Institute
On the Edge of Tomorrow
by Claire Cavendish & Reagan D'Angelo
Monday, September 28th; Evening Claire's Office
Look at Shadows
by Claire Cavendish & Cynhelm Warden
Saturday, October 3rd, 1992 Head Teacher's Office, Avalon Institute
I believe reintroductions are in order
by Valjean Beaumont & Kaylee Ashton BSc
After the sentinel attack Avalon institute
Students Get Into Trouble
by Claire Cavendish & Oliver Bloomfield & William McAvoy & Mia Misati & Ophelia Sideris & Shauna Murphy & Catriona Reid & Hamish McClean
Saturday, 27th of September, 1992 Catacombs underneath Avalon
Hall Pass
by Claire Cavendish & Sarah Bright
Tuesday morning, September 29th, 1992 Avalon Institute, Interior halls
You have three missed messages
by Mhairi McIntyre & Cameron Johnston
Tuesday, September 29th, 1992 Mechanical Workshop, Avalon Institute
Moving On Together
by Phoebe Hunter & Claire Cavendish & Jonathan Monroe & Reagan D'Angelo & Cameron Johnston & Donald Johnson & Otis Jackson
Monday evening, September 28th, 1992 Knight Locker Room
Winter Wonderland
by Reagan D'Angelo & William McAvoy
1990 William's Cottage
Crossing Wires
by Phoebe Hunter & Matteo Beneventi
Saturday, 3rd October New Cresthill
Slowing Down
by Cameron Johnston & Reagan D'Angelo
Evening of Friday, 25th September Down by the loch
A Noise in the Cellar
by Rebecca McMillen & Reagan D'Angelo & Cameron Johnston
The day after "Having the Talk" Avalon Institute
Having 'The Talk'
by Rebecca McMillen & Claire Cavendish
The morning after "Critters in the Cellar" Rebecca's Guest Quarters

Chapter Summary

At the dawn of a new school year, the Avalon Institute comes to life with vibrant characters and evolving relationships. Old friends are reunited after summer recess and new future friends join the staff at Avalon. Each of them bringing their own unique abilities, experience, and skills to the institute. In an effort to strengthen the bonds between staff and faculty they organise an open mic night. Friendships bloom and abilities are revealed, with hope and promise of an eventful school year. Yet, hidden agendas lurk as two Lords plot to test a newly produced mutant protection automaton.

As students arrive at the New Cresthill train station a giant metal man flies into the small Scottish town and focuses on Oliver Bloomfield seeking to apprehend him. An intense showdown follows between the formidable Sentinel and the team of mutants calling themselves the Quantum Knights. The giant robot, initially well protected against their attacks, soon revealed a critical vulnerability in its neck's exposed circuitry. Concussive blasts and a fiery onslaught of blue fire from the team members led to a spectacular climax. The Sentinel was left in a smouldering wreck, ensuring the safety of Oliver, all of the students, and paving the way for their swift retreat as they prepared to flee the scene before authorities arrived.

In the wake of the Sentinel attack the mutant terrorist organisation known as the Sherwood Rangers bomb a conservative party building in London and claim it was retaliation for the attack on Avalon Institute. The alleged bond between the two organisations forces the Head Teacher to address the public, distancing themselves from the terrorist attacks and pleading for peaceful resolutions. Staff and Students deal with the fallout on their personal lives and the fact that Avalon Institute is now fully in the limelight as a mutant organisation.