Prologue: Dawn of Avalon

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It's September 1992, the summer holiday period is coming to an end and the faculty and student body of Avalon Institute are returning to the campus in preparation of the new school year.

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Title Timeline Location
A New School Arrival
by Claire Cavendish & Phoebe Hunter & Kaylee Ashton BSc
Sunday, September 20th, 1992 Avalon Institute, Main Courtyard
Reflections Upon Reflections
by Claire Cavendish & Reagan D'Angelo
Late afternoon (before sunset), September 24th, 1992 The Loch
Leading in, Catching up
by Phoebe Hunter & Claire Cavendish
Sunday, September 20th, 1992 Teacher's Lounge, Avalon Institute
Quantum Knights, Rise Up!
by Claire Cavendish & Oliver Bloomfield & Phoebe Hunter & Jonathan Monroe & Reagan D'Angelo & Cameron Johnston & Donald Johnson & Kaylee Ashton BSc
Friday, 25th of September, immediately following 'The Sun Rises on Avalon' Avalon Institute, Exterior
Talking Shop
by Jonathan Monroe & Cameron Johnston
Wednesday 23rd September Garage
The Sun Rises on Avalon
by Oliver Bloomfield & Reagan D'Angelo & Cameron Johnston
Friday, 25th of September Train station, New Cresthill
Catering Requisitions
by Valjean Beaumont & Jhanvi Dhar
Morning, Thursday, September 24th, 1992 Secretariat
Warm Hugs Are Better Than Cold Shoulders
by Cameron Johnston & Kaylee Ashton BSc
Physics Classroom
Squash you like a bug
by Jonathan Monroe & Claire Cavendish & Phoebe Hunter & Reagan D'Angelo
Monday, September 21st, 1992 Squash court
Music to my ears
by Claire Cavendish & Donald Johnson
Wednesday, 16th of September, 1992 Music room, Avalon Institute
Generating work
by Claire Cavendish & Cameron Johnston
Evening, Tuesday, 22nd of September, 1992 Avalon Institute, Generator room
Open Mic Night
by Claire Cavendish & Phoebe Hunter & Jonathan Monroe & Reagan D'Angelo & Cameron Johnston & Donald Johnson & William McAvoy & Jhanvi Dhar
Saturday evening, September 19th, 1992 Auditorium
A Warm Welcome Back
by Jonathan Monroe & Claire Cavendish
Wednesday, 16th of September, 1992 English classroom
We were walls facing walls. It was painful to talk. It was painful to feel the distance.
by Phoebe Hunter
September 17th, 1992, 7:00AM Chemistry Classroom
Botany and Candor
by David Solarin M.D. & Reagan D'Angelo
Evening of Friday, September 18th, 1992 David's Office
Something Wicked this way Comes
by James Jenkins & Duke Anthony Cavendish
Wednesday, 23rd of September, 1992 Unknown
Yes, Ma'am.
by Phoebe Hunter & Cameron Johnston
Wednesday, 16th of September, 1992 Nessie's Hangar, Secret Bunker
Dotting I's and Crossing T's
by Reagan D'Angelo & Jhanvi Dhar
Thursday, September 17th, 1992 Reagan's Office
A Surprise Visit
by Claire Cavendish & Kai Akana
August, 1992 Rotterdam, The Netherlands
sighhhh! home, they say, is a spring of comfort but what is home when empathy is a foe?
by David Solarin M.D. & Cameron Johnston
Saturday, September 19th Courtyard
As Fate Would Have It
by Phoebe Hunter & Reagan D'Angelo
Tuesday, September 15th, 1992 Library
Under the Covers
by Cameron Johnston & Claire Cavendish
Saturday, September 19th, 1992 Garage, Avalon Institute
A Theatrical Reunion
by Claire Cavendish & Reagan D'Angelo
Monday, September 14th, 1992 Reagan's personal quarters and the auditorium, Avalon Institute
Business as usual
by Claire Cavendish & Jhanvi Dhar
Thursday, 17th of September, 1992 Secretariat / Head Teacher's office
Balanced Odds
by Reagan D'Angelo & Cameron Johnston
September 13th, 1992 Gymnasium

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