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Reagan D'Angelo

Name Reagan Marie D'Angelo

Role Teacher: Biology

Second Role Close Quarters Combat Specialist

Character Information

Gender Female
Powers Phasing and Bio-electricity
Powers Description Reagan's mutation resulted in her becoming a bridge between our dimension and another. The most notable use of this dimensional bridge is her ability to partially cross-over between the two realms, resulting in physical incorporeality in our world. With this, she can walk through solid objects or avoid ballistics or other nasty physical things. Energy-based attacks may still affect her normally, and she cannot maintain this phased form long, limited by her inability to breathe while in it and the blending of sensory information rendering her effectively unaware of her surroundings outside recent memory. She can take objects and other people with her, though the energy expenditure required greatly increases as she adds mass, resulting in a quick rise in temperature for all things involved.

Additionally, Reagan's gift making her the focal point of this connection gives her a pool of energy to draw from that's potentially unlimited in size, though it remains bottlenecked by her body as the conduit. While she can short circuit electronics, blow fuses, and even overload a lifeform's nervous system like a taser, she must have physical contact with the target of these bursts, and she risks overheating and exhausting herself if it isn't used in short bursts. This contact works for objects and people she phases through as well, often leaving an unpleasant numbness in the affected areas for minutes or hours, or even unconsciousness if enough of a shock is received.

With concentration and practice, she's slowly developing a sixth sense akin to that of a shark's electroreception, being able to perceive the electric currents generated by living organisms such as during muscle movement and heartbeats. Again, without further refinement or technological aid, this ability is extremely limited in scope at present.
Alias Bridge
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 1.68m
Hair Color Strawberry Blonde
Eye Color Blue-Grey
Physical Description Reagan's general appearances don't really make her stand-out, preferring neat sweaters and slacks. She grew up in fairly upper-class settings in New York and London, and her fashion tastes are subdued from that expectation if anything. Under all the fabric though, her form shows the labor of a former gymnast and track runner turned security expert and martial artist. She remains toned and fit, and typically keeps her shoulder length blonde hair tied back to maintain decorum or for rigorous physical pursuits.


Significant other Kristen Zhao (It's Complicated)
Parents Marco D'Angelo
Becca D'Angelo (Formerly O'Rourke)
Sibling(s) Rhiannon D'Angelo (Twin Sister)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Reagan's upbringing was varied and, by all accounts, privileged. One of a pair of identical twins, the two girls seemed to diverge early in their personalities and interests. While both were raised together, Reagan turned out to be the more rebellious, physically-inclined of the two. She's a determined athlete, fiercely independent, and while she values her education and wealthy upbringing, she prefers to work with her hands and escaping the pressures of a busy urban life to find herself in nature. She's cool and collected with most, but once someone has her trust, it's easy enough to get her to smile and banter (even if she's not the most verbose). Under that cold shell lies a caring and selfless heart, just one well hidden by intent.
Strengths & Weaknesses She's cool and collected, orderly and analytical to a fault. And while this serves her well in most aspects of life, it can tend to keep others at arm's length if she doesn't actively work to meet another halfway. This focus in life has lead to most of her personal successes though, nearly competitive for international competition in gymnastics or track events until her powers manifesting nixed those goals. In any goal she puts her mind to though, she gives all of her effort and focus, and usually succeeds because of it.

This single-minded focus is a double-edged sword though, and she's quick to lose patience when things don't exactly go to plan. Impatience leads to rash action and can get her in trouble when mixed with her lack of aversion to risk-taking in her behavior and her general selflessness.
Ambitions Even with her upbringing, being given the world on a platter to do what she wished as long as she put in a little effort, Reagan's powers manifesting isolated her from those around her more than she already did with her varying rebellious streaks. Always quick to take up a cause, mutant rights were no exception for her. Avalon called to her like a beacon, and its mission and charges got all of the woman's focus and attention, as wholeheartedly as anything else she'd ever tried at in her life. Finally somewhere where she doesn't need to hide who she is, her fervor for mutant rights might match those of more militant pro-mutant groups were it not tempered by her need to protect the children and her newfound friends with all she has to give.
Hobbies & Interests Reagan spent her youth embroiled in competitive gymnastics and track and field. Once she was older and her powers meant further pursuing these goals on the international stage was too much of a risk, she shifted to more private physical pursuits of fitness, including self-defense and various martial arts with a specialty in Aikido. For other hobbies in this realm, she enjoys swimming, hiking, and general outdoor exploration.

When not on her feet and moving, Reagan's other interests include biology, ecology, and environmental activism.

Personal History Born approximately 4 minutes and 22 seconds before her sister, Rhiannon, on October 10th, 1962, Reagan prides herself on being the older sibling. Her father, Marco, was a wealthy man in the import/export business in New York, and though she had a lot of questions about his well-connected associates, New York politics were never really her interest. It just meant she had a lot of strangers over that seemed to be her aunts and uncles by name. Her mother kept the girls busy enough, fostering all their individual interests and taking them on trips while their father was working, that the shadier side of his work didn't really come to light for Reagan until much later in life. While primarily raised in New York, the twins' mother was born and raised in the UK, an art dealer originally from Cardiff, and so the girls spent almost as much of their formative years in London as they did in New York.

Reagan felt that her life up until her mutation manifested had been pretty normal, at least by her standards. But suddenly falling through floors or breaking electronics with a touch did a lot to shake the young perfectionist's worldview. She was only 13 then, but (perhaps because of her own need and drive for self-control) she managed to collect herself and learned to hide first and foremost. Over time, in private, here or there, she'd practice and learn how to use these newfound powers. But when in public or with her family, it was all about suppression. She dropped out of competitive sports, and when her family couldn't get clear answers from her as to why she'd seemingly given up (when Reagan wasn't known to give up at anything she tried), she defended herself and her reasons the only way she could think of; Isolation. She got angry and rebelled, she lied, she avoided anyone and everyone she knew, until tensions boiled over and (spurred on by her own suggestion) she was shipped to Lingfield College in Surrey in the UK to finish her primary education and prepare for university.

Besides sporadic visits with her extended family in Cardiff or trips with her parents and sister in London or elsewhere, Reagan grew insular and chose to express her newfound independence and sense of rebelliousness by focusing on her academics, learning self-defense, and pursuing activist causes to redirect those frustrations over her status as a mutant. In particular, she took up environmental causes and began volunteering with the World Wildlife Foundation when she could, and participating in more organized protest movements back in the US on her trips home. Despite her questionable actions leaving a somewhat distant family life, Reagan was never cut out completely, and frequently took advantage of her father's resources to pursue her goals.

This period in her life culminated in her acceptance to Cambridge University, where the less intellectually inclined of the twins made up for her lack of natural aptitude with hard work, focus, and drive that not only helped her quell her own turmoil in finding purpose, but assuaged the concerns of her family as well. She graduated with a degree in the Natural Sciences, with a focus on biology, and wasted no time in furthering her pursuits with dreams of competitive sports long forgotten.

As was tradition for those in her family, Reagan spent the first few years after graduation at the age of 22 "soul searching" while travelling abroad. But unlike the examples of those that might spend this time going benders from one bar or club to the next across every country, she spent her time displaying an aptitude for connection-making with some of her father's old business associates and laid the foundations for her own security firm. She wanted to be the noble conservationist, but she knew her father's financial lifeline to her would dry up eventually, and so she first sought that last shred of independence she hadn't quite obtained.

At the age of 25, in 1987, Reagan established her own small consulting business firm in London, Guardian Consulting, and hired experts, survivalists, military veterans, and anyone else with a foot in the field to consult larger companies on security measures and training for their own staff. Reagan herself took advantage of some of her newfound employees' skill sets to learn herself, taking up wilderness survival, basic firearms training, and team tactics among other things. All of this in pursuit of her goals of environmental action and activism, and all of that? Still just a tarp thrown over that gorilla in the room of her mutant status.

She was successful, made a good living, but ended up handing off the business to her partners in 1990 when she heard about the Avalon Institute opening. A career in teaching, perhaps? But, luck would have it, turned out to be so much more for her. She didn't have to hide anymore, here was a group of children just like her, the other faculty too. Oh, and they had a jet. She had taken the job on a whim, as another in a long line of pursuits to fill that hole in her causing so much turmoil, and maybe, just maybe, had found her true calling.
Mutant Registration Status Known Unregistered Entity