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Robert Closeley

Name Robert Closeley

Role "Robin Hood"

Character Information

Gender Male
Powers Ability Mimicry
Powers Description Robert is able to copy the powers of a nearby mutant by concentrating on that person. He's able to switch between powers if multiple are in the vicinity but hasn't been able to combine powers yet. The extent of the powers he copies over depends on closeness (both physically and socially). He's able to hold on to these powers for some time after, in some cases several days. Usually the power of them wanes within hours.
Alias Robin Hood
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Slim and toned features are what define Robert's physique. Built for speed rather than strength he relies heavily on his powers mental capabilities to aid him in times of a physical altercation. He dresses mostly in black and leather, going through great lengths to keep his identity hidden through cowls and masks. His upper body is covered in tattoos, all of them with their specific meaning and connected to either a person in his life or an event that he felt shaped the current world we live in.


Personality & Traits

General Overview To Robert, the ends tend to justify the means. He can easily slip in and out of different roles, whichever is most needed to accomplish his goals. And he's very goal-oriented, almost obsessively so. If he walks into a room he rarely attracts attention unless he wants to, but when he strikes up a conversation with someone he always presents himself to be the most interesting person in the room to them.
Strengths & Weaknesses Robert is very self-righteous and self-assured. It makes him come off as confident and he certainly knows exactly what he wants and when he wants it. He has trouble letting go of goals, even if plans start going south, sometimes forcing through outcomes he envisioned. Aside from a few core loyalists he doesn't trust anyone easily.
Ambitions For the world to understand and accept the natural order of things with Mutants as the sovereign leaders of Earth.
Hobbies & Interests One of his big hobbies is chess. He has played on a high level and continues to hone his skills in the sport. He's also developed an interest in self-sufficient ways of living and survival. This grew out of necessity when he became a fugitive to the state when he started on his quest of liberating Mutant kind from the human oppressor.

Mutant Registration Status Known Threat