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Ophelia Sideris

Name Ophelia Sideris

Role Student

Character Information

Gender Female
Powers Hyperperception and Remote Sensing
Powers Description Ophelia can consciously tune any of her senses up to 11, and even telepathically project her senses over great distances to experience sensations remotely. She can only work with one sense at a time through these powers, and requires an almost trance-like state to do the remote sensing portion. While in this trance, her senses are projected elsewhere and thus she is vulnerable in her physical location.
Alias Pagan
Age 16

Physical Appearance

Height 1.53m
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Small and waifish. Ophelia would already be small if she hadn't gone through a neglectful childhood and struggled with early mental disorder and addictions. She wears oversized sweaters and jeans almost consistently, even in warmer climates, and at least keeps up appearances since coming to the Institute where she receives expert care under Dr. Solarin and help with her powers to make her bad habits more manageable.


Parents George Sideris (Not present in her life from early age)
Mary Weathersby (Mother, deceased)
Other Family Various children's homes and halfway houses for girls through most of her youth until she was sponsored for attendance at the Avalon Institute. Her sponsor is a security firm, Guardian Consulting, out of London that runs a program to help troubled minors find healthy educational and living situations.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ophelia is a youth with trust issues when she's brought back to earth, and otherwise generally keeps her head in the clouds. Working closely with the Institute's supportive staff, she's cleaning up her act, finding help for her myriad mental disorders, and learning to use her powers to make a difference.
Strengths & Weaknesses Creative and artistic, Ophelia expresses herself brilliantly through painting, drawing, sculpting, and any other art form she can get her hands on. She's even picked up a guitar and is branching into music. Her powers give her a unique perspective on life itself, and she demonstrates an advanced understanding of abstract concepts and systems. "Wise beyond her years" is frequently used to describe her by those who interact with her for any length of time.

Her weaknesses are numerous, including a certain detachment from stunted social and emotional growth as a child and adolescent, mental problems stemming from her sometimes overwhelming perceptive abilities and overactive mind, and some issues with drugs both from birth and briefly later in life (where a predisposition for those behaviors manifested).
Ambitions Ophelia's mind is a creative fountain, but her greatest ambition is just to establish some sense of normalcy in her life and find a family of her own, whatever shape that takes for her.
Hobbies & Interests Painting, drawing, sculpting, guitar playing and music (Nirvana, Pearl Jam, R.E.M., Alice in Chains, etc. being some of her favorites).

Personal History Ophelia had a troubled childhood, largely ignored and discarded since she was able to conceive of longing for meaningful attachments. Her father was unknown to her, and her mother (herself a struggling addict) didn't last long enough to tell Ophelia her origins before the girl was taken by social workers and thrust into the system.

She spent most of her childhood and early adolescence bouncing from one home to another, resource availability simply unequipped to handle her bountiful mind and odd socializations. Things only got worse for her when her powers manifested, and Ophelia was sent to schools meant to help those with psychiatric problems as well because of them. Doctors, and even Ophelia herself, were convinced her gifts were simply another symptom of her troubled mind until, on a hunch, her psychiatrist tested her abilities with tasks like remote sensing to describe or draw what someone else was doing in another room. Though her mutation was properly discovered at this point, and she was officially registered, she remained at the hospital (deemed the safest environment for her) and thus continued believing she belonged in an institution.

There was some experimentation with drugs, specifically hallucinogens and other "mind expanders," whenever she did manage to get out on the streets. But due to her rather strict living conditions and rigid scheduling, she was largely kept in check from developing a larger habit.

When she was just 14, Guardian Consulting, a firm in London, found her through a program they ran to find troubled youth like her and help find them nurturing environments to thrive in. Unknown to Ophelia, this program was run by one Miss Reagan D'Angelo, a teacher at the Avalon Institute who's only remaining stake in the firm was the program itself. Ophelia came to the Avalon Institute for it's second year of operation and has been at the school since.
Mutant Registration Status Registered Entity