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Oliver Bloomfield

Name Oliver Bloomfield

Role Student

Character Information

Gender Male
Powers Chlorokinesis & Photosynthesis
Powers Description Oliver noticed early on that he was good with plants, and in his early teens he developed the ability to control and manipulate plants, allowing him to make plants grow at a rapid rate, change the shape of plants, or even create thorns and vines on or from existing plants. The amount of manipulation he can do depends on the available plant material as well as his energy levels. Luckily he can supplement his energy intake through food with his ability to convert sunlight into energy, much like plants do. It's not something he can switch on or off, and as a result he's had to be careful about his diet.
Alias Verdant
Age 14

Physical Appearance

Height 1.73m
Hair Color Dirt blond
Eye Color Pale blue
Physical Description Oliver is lean and athletic, due to his love for hiking and spending time outdoors, he has a well-defined muscle tone and a tan skin tone due to time spent outdoors. In his neck he has a birthmark in the shape of a leaf.


Parents Robert Bloomfield - Father
Susan Baker - Mother

Personality & Traits

General Overview Come rain or shine, Oliver loves spending time outdoors. He's seen as a bit of an odd duck since he can't seem to stop talking about plants, often naming them and talking about their feelings. Since this has caused him ridicule and bullying in the past he's turned more quiet and solitary.
Strengths & Weaknesses His abilities give Oliver a deep sense of empathy and understanding of the natural world, which makes him a powerful ally in protecting and preserving the environment.

Being as much of a wildling as he is has made him a bit more introverted. He much prefers being alone outside to being in a group indoors.
Ambitions A strong passion for nature is translating to an activist mindset about the preservation of nature.
Hobbies & Interests Oliver loves to take a photo camera with him on his nature hikes, loves to find interesting natural formations and phenomenon to picture. He's learning to develop his own film as well.

Personal History Oliver was born in Liverpool, England, to a working-class family, his father working in a local factory.

From a young age, he showed a strong connection to nature and the environment. He would spend hours exploring the local park and gardens, observing and interacting with the plants and animals around him.

As he grew older, Oliver began to notice that he had a unique ability to control and manipulate plants. He could make them grow faster and healthier, and even heal them when they were injured or diseased. First with flowers his mother had bought and then some of the plants he kept in his own room. Soon his bedroom turned into somewhat of a jungle.

Despite his powers, Oliver struggled to find acceptance and understanding from his peers and family. When his father, in a fit of frustration of the 'mess' he had made of his room threw out all of his plants he felt isolated and alone, and had a hard time finding people who understood and accepted him for who he was. This wasn't long before his father 'went for cigarettes' and never returned to the house.

In 1992, at the age of 14, Oliver's mother, who was struggling with addiction, came into the picture of social services. When one of the people looking over his case realised he was developing in the way he did due to mutation they called on their connection with Claire Cavendish, the headmistress of the Avalon Institute and arranged for Oliver to attend the school. Something social services had only done sporadically in the past in situations like these but had found some success with.

Oliver is excited about the opportunity to attend the Avalon Institute, where he will be able to learn more about his powers and find acceptance among other mutants like him. He is also looking forward to meeting new people and making friends, and to hone his skills and knowledge in the field of environmentalism and conservation.
Mutant Registration Status Registered Entity
Assigned House Pridwen