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William McAvoy

Name William McAvoy

Role Caretaker

Character Information

Gender Male
Powers Armour Skin
Powers Description William is fully able to turn into an old fashion black night. He can hold the form for hours if he needs to.

He can shift different parts of him self into the armour but it does not last more than minutes as it requires more concentration.
Alias Knight
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6’6
Hair Color Dark blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description dirty blond, longish hair gently hangs over a lean, frowning face. Bright blue eyes, set high within their sockets, watch cheerfully over the castle they've sought solace in for so long. A beard compliments his mouth and leaves a heartbreaking memory of his former life.


Significant other Lady Hextilda McAvoy
Children Several children - born 1393 - 1401.
Other Family Unknown descendants

Personality & Traits

General Overview There's something alluring about him, perhaps it's his humility or perhaps it's simply a feeling of something being off with his manners. But nonetheless, people tend to subtly ignore him, while secretly trying to become more like him.

Personal History William McAvoy was born in Scotland in 1370 and became known as a lord of a castle, a powerful figure in the country's feudal society. He was born into a family of Scottish nobility, and from a young age was groomed for leadership and trained in the arts of war and diplomacy.

As lord of his castle, McAvoy was responsible for the protection and prosperity of his lands and people. He was a just and fair ruler, who dealt harshly with any threats to his authority, but was also known for his compassion and generosity to those in need and made sure his home was open to fae touched or normies. He surrounded himself with a talented group of advisors and knights, and together they worked to strengthen the castle's defenses and build up the local economy.

During his life, Scotland was a country in flux, with frequent wars and power struggles among the different lords and barons. Despite these challenges, McAvoy was able to maintain his position of power and influence through his strategic alliances with other lords and his reputation as a capable and fair-minded leader as well as treating the Faeblessed equally. He married young to another clan’s eldest daughter and had several children.

He does not know what led to him slumber in a crypt for 600 years other than they came at night and his home was over powered. But he strongly suspects that his wife had part in it.
Mutant Registration Status Unknown Entity
Assigned House None