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Almaz Awate

Name Almaz Awate

Role Student

Character Information

Gender Male
Powers Haptic electrical discharge
Powers Description Almaz has the ability to push electricity through her hands. At this point the power is very unrefined and she can't control it.
Age 13

Physical Appearance

Height 160cm
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Luminescent
Physical Description Almaz is a tall and strongly built girl, having done power training from a young age. She carries her hair in long, thin braids, though the static discharge from her powers often has them looking frayed and fuzzy. She's often seen wearing sporty clothes, and likes to dress down, dark colors to go with her skin color. The only bright colors she wears is her nailpolish. Her eyes sparkle with electricity, bright enough to obscure the original color of her eyes.


Significant other n/a
Parents Father: Awate Dawit
Mother: Senait Bisrat
Sibling(s) Sister: Semira Awate

Personality & Traits

General Overview She is a strong willed and intelligent young woman, though lacking perhaps a bit in patience. She has little patience for attitude and is more than happy to reply in kind. Behind this exterior lies a warm and loyal heart, and once you've earned her friendship, you've earned it for life.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Strong willed
+ Physically strong
+ Hard working
+ Intelligent

- Naive
- Insecure
- Not very diplomatic
- Low to no control over her powers
Ambitions To carve out a life for herself. To show the world that she is valid and worthy of respect.
Hobbies & Interests She likes sports, physical activities, working out, fitness. She likes nice clothes, though her preferences are more subtle, leaning towards the more subdued side of things.

Personal History Almaz was born in Eritrea to Awate Dawit and Senait Disrat as the younger of two sisters. A successful lawyer, Awate moved his family to England, where career opportunities were significantly better than in their home country. As such, the two young girls were raised in a household of means, never lacking for anything - quality toys, nice clothes, private education, all easily taken care of.

But then Almaz reached puberty and her mutant gene manifested. This was especially unfortunate as she'd always been raised to be very militantly anti-mutant by her highly conservative parents. This caused her whole world to collapse in on itself, especially when Awate disowned her and dropped her off at the footsteps of Avalon, abandoning her with nothing but some nasty words and a sports bag with some of her clothes.
Mutant Registration Status Unknown Entity
Assigned House None