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Quinn Kelly

Name Quinn Kelly

Role Student

Character Information

Gender Male
Powers Residual Memory Engram Decoding
Powers Description Quinn can detect and sometimes interpret memories stored in places and things. There are a number of variables that affect how well this ability works, or it works at all. The most important variable is time. The longer an object or place has remained in its present form of matter, the better chance Quinn will have in pulling memories from it. Old buildings made from stone and artifacts made from metal and other durable materials offer the clearest insights, but sometimes even preserved organic compounds like wood and leather will yield clues from their past.

Sturdy, well-crafted objects that transfer energy, such as hand tools and musical instruments also often contain many memories that Quinn can read, along with heirlooms, or most any mundane object that carries strong emotional connections.

Quinn cannot glean any secrets from people, or most any organic substances in general. In fact, living, or continually changing forms of matter often interfere with his ability, and Quinn finds little peace or inspiration in places like kitchens, workshops, and gymnasiums. Libraries, attics and basements are by far his favorite places to test his abilities.
Alias Bard
Age 16

Physical Appearance


Personality & Traits

Mutant Registration Status Known Unregistered Entity
Assigned House None