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Presenting Firebug on Ice

Posted on Thu Jun 6th, 2024 @ 14:26 by Jonathan Monroe & Kaylee Ashton BSc

Chapter: Winter's Crest Festival
Location: Loch near the Institute
Timeline: 24th December
954 words - 1.9 OF Standard Post Measure

Standing next to the ice rink she had created on the edge of the loch, Kaylee was keeping herself reinforcing the ice while waiting for Jon to hopefully arrive. She'd left him a written message in his pigeon hole in the teachers common room asking him to meet her down by the loch. She was hoping that she could take him skating, something she imagined he hadn't done before or at least done since he was very young.

Approaching the loch-side, Jonathan was acutely aware of exactly cold it already was; Kaylee's abilities notwithstanding, it likely didn't need much help to freeze parts of the water anyway. He found himself smiling as he navigated down the muddy embankment towards her.

"Good morning. I believe you left me a summons?" he inquired, good-naturedly.

Turning to face him, Kaylee gave Jon a slightly quizzical look, “it wasn’t a summons, simply an invitation” she said before motion towards the ice rink, “I figured while I’ve got this here for the kids, we could go for a spin. Maybe together?” She asked as she stood there with her hands clasped behind her back hoping to hear the answer she wanted.

"I can't remember the last time I went ice skating. Probably when I was a child..." There was an obvious reason undercutting that statement, which didn't need to be spoken. "I didn't bring skates. have a plan for that too?"

Giving Jon a happy smile, Kaylee motioned to a large shoe box she had sitting next to a small pile of art supplies she had brought with her just incase he hadn't come, "I asked Claire if we could use a pair from the school's supplies and she gave me them. hopefully they fit."

His eyebrows raised as he caught sight of the shoe box, the spare skates peeking out from inside. "You've thought of everything, haven't you?" he remarked, picking up the boots and giving them a quick test. "Little tight, but I'm sure they'll work. Did you bring some for yourself? Or is this where you show-off your ice-skating mutant power?"

Giving a shrug, Kaylee’s smile widened, “can you blame me for showing off a little? Come on, it’s cold and perfect for me” she said before taking a few steps out onto the ice, making a quick twirl before forming a pair of skates on her feet. Gracefully coming to a stop, she turned back to Jon.

Jonathan let himself smile faintly as he observed her in her element. "Perfect for you..." He gestured at the frozen lake. "Scotland's worst home video disasters caught on tape for me..." He pushed himself up with the skates now firmly on his feet, and half-waddled towards the lake's edge. Catching her eye, he finally held out his hand for her.

Glad to see Jonathan was becoming more comfortable around her, Kaylee skated back over to him and took the offered hand, “so, how adventurous does our little firebug feel today?” She asked, giving his hand a gentle pull towards the ice rink.

"Well, I'll follow the 'snow fairy' out on the ice, if that's what you mean..." he answered, trying to think up a similar pet name for her as he cautiously eased out onto the frozen water. After a few seconds they were gliding; Kaylee obviously more confident than him. "This could be worse," he admitted, still gripping her hand firmly for balance and security. "Promise you'll keep this ice nice and thick, yeah?"

Kaylee gave him a playful smile, “oh don’t you worry about that, I made sure to give the ice another layer or two while I waited for you. Just in case” she said, hoping to reassure him as she held onto his hand. While it seemed he didn’t need a great deal of support from her to keep upright, she didn’t want to let go of his hand.

"Well in that case..." he retorted, starting to hold her hand at arm's-length and let them glide for a few moments. He found himself smiling, enjoying the burst of speed and the whip of the cool air as they skated over the frozen loch. "I keep thinking what the reverse equivalent of this would be," he said, glancing over at her. "Maybe walking on hot coals or something?"

The smile on Kaylee's face only got wider as the two scatted around, "I'm game if you are. After all, I got you out on the ice so how can I say no?" she said before carefully letting go of Jon's hand and opening the gap between them.

"I was kidding, but after a morning out in this weather, it might not be such a bad idea," he said, holding his arms out for balance. Although a little wobbly, he managed to at least stay upright, though it was a far cry from Kaylee's apparent confidence. "You're pretty good. Although I guess it makes sense that you would be."

Giving Jon a warm smile, Kaylee skated on ahead of him before turning around and holding out her hands, “all it takes is a little practice. Come on, let’s pick up the pace a little” she said as she took hold of Jon’s hands and, while still skating backwards, started to pull him along faster and faster.

Smiling back, Jonathan followed. The fresh cool air on his face and the open sky above...engaging in this strange icy ballet finally felt free. Relaxing. And that was something that he hadn't enjoyed in quite some time. "I'll try to keep up," he mused, letting the moment take him as they just quietly skated across the ice, hand-in hand.


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