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Faire Warning

Posted on Sun May 5th, 2024 @ 17:59 by Claire Cavendish

Chapter: Winter's Crest Festival
Location: Teacher's Lounge, Avalon Institute
Timeline: Tuesday, 15th of September, 1992
1330 words - 2.7 OF Standard Post Measure

It had taken some asking around and walking around to get to the person she was looking for. There was a lot of priorities to consider having just agreed to a news item from the BBC, and Claire felt this one was somewhere near the top of the list. People came here with the understanding it was a safe haven. A place for them to be able to get away from some of the persecution they'd faced in the real world. Freya's situation was a difficult one, sure she had saved people's lives, but also she had done so under false pretences and without their consent. The way things were right now she'd lost her medical license and was lucky to have been able to avoid worse. "Doctor Callaghan, I was looking for you. Do you have a moment to spare?" The Head Teacher knew it would sound ominous, and the other two staffers in the room knew to make room for a private conversation as a result.

Freya had curled up next to a window, a cup of hot tea in her hand to keep her warm as she just watched some leaves fall from the trees outside. She always found autumn, or fall to her, to be quite beautiful. All the warm colours of yellow, orange and some reds made her feel cosy inside. As did the tea and the fact she was not outside.

Hearing someone call her name she looked over to see Claire approaching her. The words spoken did make her feel like she was in for something. The fact Claire was also the headmistress did her feel she was being brought before her even if Claire was the one who approached her.

"Of course. Was just lost in my thoughts." Freya said warmly as she uncurled her legs and let them touch the floor. "You look troubled? Are you alright?" she asked.

"Not troubled as such." Claire made her way over to the counter and poured herself a cup of tea. The good thing about living in an English castle, filled with English people, was there was bound to be a hot kettle around somewhere. "I just got off the phone with BBC Scotland, they want to do a report on the Institute and I thought it would be good to give you a heads up since you've indicated that you wanted to keep a low profile."

The hairs on the back of Freya's neck stood up, the ones on her arms raising as her mind thought of why the BBC would come here. Was it for her? No, surely not. The school in its own right was more newsworthy.

Gulping down her tea a bit louder than she would have liked... "Thank you for telling me." Freya began. "What are they coming here for?" she asked hoping it was in fact about the school.

"We've been promoting the festival to the local community, inviting people to come on Friday and have a look around. The BBC got wind of this and wanted to dedicate a news item to this." Claire explained as she sipped her own tea. "We'll be giving them a tour tomorrow throughout the day, so perhaps it's a good opportunity to explore New Cresthill, or even make a trip to Inverness. It's lovely this time of year, lots of pretty lights everywhere."

"Oh, you want me to go... I guess that's probably a good idea. I have been meaning to see some more of the area." Freya replied. Claire was right, bringing bad press onto Avalon wasn't what she wanted. They had taken her in, looked after her, housed her and gave her a job. They were kind people who didn't have to help her out and she wouldn't want to cause them any problems. "Can you get a bus to Inverness from here?" she asked.

"I don't want anything. I was giving you the opportunity to make your own decision on this due to the fact that you've indicated a need to lay low. Featuring on a BBC Scotland news item is not exactly keeping a low profile." Claire clarified. She had been clear in her earlier communications to the outside world that mutants from all walks of life were welcome and that they didn't judge. This was just an extension of that. There wasn't a criminal case being built against the good doctor, at worst it would result in them knowing where to send the papers informing her of losing her medical credentials.

Freya nodded at what Claire said. "Ah okay. That's fair." she smiled at the purple woman. She was always fascinated by the colour, ever since she met her. A mutation that can change the pigment of the skin to such a colour was very interesting to her and the scientist in her wanted to poke and prod. She knew however that most mutants, herself included, didn't like the idea of being under a microscope. "I'm not quite ready for people to know where I am just yet... especially my parents. Although I doubt they'd see a BBC show over in the US." she shrugged. "I'll see if I can find a bus or train or something to take me on a mini adventure."

"If you want, you can borrow my car. Unless you don't have a license of course. Or I could drop you off at the train station in town, save you the twenty something minute walk." Claire offered, during the day she wouldn't have any opportunity to go anywhere herself anyway.

"Oh thank you but I've never been able to quite get to grips with all your joystick thing in the middle of your car." Freya said referring to the gearstick. She'd only ever tried out an automatic when on her family's estate from time to time and that was when her parents were away... swiftly stopped however that one time she crashed through the gazebo... "And I don't mind the walk, its nice to clear your head and the scenery is beautiful." She smiled. "Although if its raining I might take you up on the offer."

"Nobody taught you to drive stick?" Claire shook her head a bit, even though it had been quite expected of her to be driven around, she was still taught how to drive stick. It was even during her time in the US that this teaching had taken place. The biggest issue for her when she came back to the UK was staying on the correct side of the road, taking roundabouts the correct way around and all that. "Perhaps we can help mediate that at some point. We have a driver's ed programme you know."

"Oh well, no. My parents didn't allow me to do a lot if I'm honest. I only really ever took a drive when they were gone on campaigns and no-one else was around... I taught myself but have never actually held a licence." Freya sighed. The memory of being hidden away all too relevant to how she had to be right now because of her own actions back in her old hospital. "But if there is a chance to learn here I'll definitely look into it." her face changing to be brighter and her mood changing. "It's nice to have the freedom to choose what I want."

Claire nodded at that, she was definitely in agreement that having the freedom to choose was one of the biggest perks of being at Avalon. The freedom of choice was a lot bigger for her as well, compared to most other people in the Institute. "You can sign up for that at administration." It felt like she should've known somehow that Freya didn't hold a license, but she blamed the business of the festival and now this BBC thing on her flagging memory. "Anyway, just thought you'd appreciate the heads up." She finished her tea and gave a small nod to Freya. "Carry on."


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