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"When An Individual Acquires Great Power, The Use Or Misuse Of That Power Is Everything."

~ Professor Charles Xavier


The year is 1992, and the world is trying to cope with the x-gene, a new step in human evolution, according to some. An abomination to nature according to others. Tensions have been on the rise for years, and it all seems to come to a head with groups of mutants across the world revealing themselves.

The Avalon Institute is an educational facility in Scotland financed by an anonymous source and under the leadership of Claire Cavendish the school aims to teach young and developing Mutants not only the regular high school curriculum required by the UK government but also covering the special challenges that the fledgling mutants have to deal with in their lives.

Join the brave and passionate faculty today and impact the minds and hearts of tomorrow!


X-Men: Avalon is based on the X-Men: Animated Series continuity, but all players are asked to create Original Characters for the purposes of the game. We avoid crossing paths with established characters to allow for our creativity to run rampant. Join us today and add your unique X-Person to the team.

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Latest Chapter Posts

» The Adventures of Brea and Tara

Chapter: Winter's Crest Festival
Posted on Fri Jun 14th, 2024 @ 13:44 by Sarah Bright & Claire Cavendish

Brea took a drag off of her cigarette, the first in what had to be months. She savored the shitty taste, and exhaled without a care in the world, for there was no one around to stop her... not even in Avalon Institute. Or at least, not in the boys…

» Find Your Muse

Chapter: Winter's Crest Festival
Posted on Fri Jun 14th, 2024 @ 6:38 by Sarah Bright

It was just another morning at the Avalon Institute as far as Sarah was concerned, yet she couldn’t help but feel a quickening of her steps as she approached the library. It was the same walk to work, at the same time, bright and early, just in case anyone needed…

» Picking up the new guy

Chapter: Winter's Crest Festival
Posted on Fri Jun 14th, 2024 @ 1:24 by Andrew Hallows & Rebecca McMillen & Alastair Temple

Some cars purred. Little, economical four or three cylinders, built for reliability and not very exciting to use. Some cars roared.
V-sixes, flat sixes. Aggressively tuned for exciting performance. Some cars growled or rumbled. Big, American V-eights, like Claire's 1973 Camaro would, when Cameron finished putting it together for her.…

» V is for Victory

Chapter: Besieged
Posted on Wed Jun 12th, 2024 @ 13:07 by Duke Anthony Cavendish & James Jenkins & General Heinrich Falkenrath

At the start of last year the weekly meetings between Cavendish and Jenkins seemed like vigils to a time slowly fading. Public sentiment was growing more and more accepting of Mutants and sometimes the conversation seemed to veer dangerously close to considering disbanding the HPL. After the death if their…

» Envision your Future

Chapter: Besieged
Posted on Wed Jun 12th, 2024 @ 11:04 by Phoebe Hunter & Catriona Reid & Claire Cavendish

Catriona had heard a strange sound from the teacher's lounge as she had jogged down the corridor. She slowed her pace, listening intently for any further sounds, but the hallway remained eerily silent. Despite not wanting to pry into matters that did not concern her, but the quietness that followed…