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"When An Individual Acquires Great Power, The Use Or Misuse Of That Power Is Everything."

~ Professor Charles Xavier

The year is 1992, and the world is trying to cope with the x-gene, a new step in human evolution, according to some. An abomination to nature according to others. Tensions have been on the rise for years, and it all seems to come to a head with groups of mutants across the world revealing themselves.

The Avalon Institute is an educational facility in Scotland financed by an anonymous source and under the leadership of Claire Cavendish the school aims to teach young and developing Mutants not only the regular high school curriculum required by the UK government but also covering the special challenges that the fledgling mutants have to deal with in their lives.

Join the brave and passionate faculty today and impact the minds and hearts of tomorrow!

X-Men: Avalon is based on the X-Men: Animated Series continuity, but all players are asked to create Original Characters for the purposes of the game. We avoid crossing paths with established characters to allow for our creativity to run rampant. Join us today and add your unique X-Person to the team.

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Latest Chapter Posts

» The Confrontation

Chapter: All Hallow's Eve
Posted on Wed May 17th, 2023 @ 9:15 by Valjean Beaumont & Cameron Johnston

"Cameron. At last. We see each other plain." The French chef of the institute stood in the doorway leading to the kitchen, arms crossed, thousand yard stare locking eyes with the speedster. "Has Claire not spoken to you about the personal use of school supplies?" He slowly started to close…

» The Necessary Evils

Chapter: Prologue: Dawn of Avalon
Posted on Thu May 11th, 2023 @ 11:57 by Rebecca McMillen & Jhanvi Dhar

Rebecca had been through hell throughout her life. When she was human, she was ill prepared for the harshness life and people were capable of. When her mutation activated, she found herself in impossible situation after impossible situation. She endured, she survived, she even thrived at times. Though nothing could…

» Abandon Hope all ye who enter!

Chapter: All Hallow's Eve
Posted on Wed May 10th, 2023 @ 10:18 by Claire Cavendish & Valjean Beaumont & Phoebe Hunter & Jonathan Monroe & Reagan D'Angelo & Cameron Johnston & Donald Johnson & Kaylee Ashton BSc & Otis Jackson & Rebecca McMillen & Sarah Bright & Adeline Pomeroy & William McAvoy & Jhanvi Dhar & Tom Albridge

The green overalls were perhaps a bit simplistic but Ellen Ripley was everything the head mistress wanted in a Halloween costume. Easy to put together, immediately recognisable for the in-crowd, even if she was purple, and an opportunity to talk about strong female leading characters to those who couldn't immediate…

» Buyer Beware

Chapter: All Hallow's Eve
Posted on Fri May 5th, 2023 @ 5:49 by Sarah Bright & Mhairi McIntyre

Sarah walked her bike down New Cresthill's main thoroughfare, wondering how in the hell she was going to get back home. Well, not home, but the place where, for the moment, she was laying her head. Though she was committed to staying at the Avalon Institute, she wasn't sure if…

» The Lady Windsor and her Entourage

Chapter: All Hallow's Eve
Posted on Tue May 2nd, 2023 @ 14:53 by Robert Closeley & Heather Redding & Fiona Creagan

Bristol Museum was one of the most popular museums that Heather had been inside. It was located in the heart of Bristol, a vibrant city in southwest England that she could not claim to ever have been to before. Maybe it could be the new home for mutants as it…