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The Lady Windsor and her Entourage

Posted on Tue May 2nd, 2023 @ 14:53 by Robert Closeley & Heather Redding & Fiona Creagan

Chapter: All Hallow's Eve
Location: Bristol Museum
Timeline: Tuesday, October 26th, 1992
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Bristol Museum was one of the most popular museums that Heather had been inside. It was located in the heart of Bristol, a vibrant city in southwest England that she could not claim to ever have been to before. Maybe it could be the new home for mutants as it had a vibe to it that spoke to Heather more than anywhere else they had been staying.

The museum was housed in a beautiful Edwardian Baroque-style building, which was built in 1905 according to the research and the very helpful guide that was currently showing her and Robert around on a private tour with Fiona acting as security for the fake royals. It had been easy to just walk inside the museum and use her abilities to make someone believe she was part of the royal family wishing to have an unscheduled tour. Simplicity at its best in her opinion and something she was trying to teach her lover? Boyfriend? Partner? Not everything needed to be as complex.

“The museum features a diverse collection of art, history, and natural history exhibits, showcasing objects and artefacts from around the world as well as local. Some of the highlights of the museum include Egyptian mummies, ancient Greek pottery, a full-scale replica of a Bristolian dinosaur, and a range of contemporary art exhibitions… would you like to see more Lady Windsor?” The guide asked fully engaging with his guests.

“Your voice is music to my ears. Show us everything.” She encouraged.

Robert was solemnly following the procession, leeching Heather's abilities to make sure people didn't remember his or Fiona’s presence there. Redirecting the attention and perception of people that just happened to come close. The three of them could basically walk into any room and not be bothered by anyway. Slipping through any sort of human detection, and if there was CCTV or other artificial protections in place there would still be a human response and once they got there they'd just redirect them. It wouldn't be the first time that they'd have someone else arrested. It was the easiest way to redirect the strong emotions of having to catch an intruder. Robert was already trying to find a patsy for when they'd get to the target of their little excursion.

For Fiona, this trip was far more torture than she felt she deserved, even after committing literal acts of terrorism. "Freedom fighting"? Didn't matter to her, she'd given up distinguishing differences a long time ago. Pretending to be a bodyguard, she could do, but to Robert and Heather playing royalty? And then being forced to endure a museum tour, even part of one, was hell for her. So she found herself grateful to Robert when he did their usual and got her under the radar to just be plain invisible rather than in some stuffy suit disguise pretending to give a damn about old, dusty objects. Old, dusty objects had been their target in the last attack, after all, so showed how much appreciation she had for such things, people or otherwise.

Despite knowing Heather's powers had them, even more so with Robert there as well to double them up, she spoke at a whispered level, eyes suspicious on the people they passed by. "Are we there yet? Punch and grab, right? This place smells like arthritis cream..." She was grumbling, complaining, and impatient. That meant she wasn't actually upset yet. Good for everyone around them.

"Nothing quite so brutish." Robert spoke at a regular tone, looking around the museum. He agreed with Heather that cultural endeavours were not really his speed, he knew that Heather was appreciating the opportunity to take in all the history in the place. "We'll just have them hand it to us and then we casually walk out." Sure they'd be captured on camera and afterwards it would easily be traced back to them, but as before any human response to that could easily be suppressed. Besides they had shot to the top of Europol's most wanted list after their last little excursion into London.

Heather glanced at both her friends and smiled encouragingly as they were led first through the Egyptian exhibition. She really was loving the museum, the whole exhibition was allowing visitors an opportunity to learn about the civilisation that existed in the Nile Valley thousands of years ago. These exhibitions could be found in museums and galleries all over the world but there and then the items in the cabinets only existed there. "Fascinating." She commented about the mummies, sarcophagi, statues, jewellery, pottery, and tools making the tour guide smile as he led them to the section that they were there to see.

The spear would likely be an impressive display of military might and historical significance to anyone who cared but there and then Heather thought it was the most beautiful thing that she had seen. "You have great taste. The spear, known as a pilum, was a primary weapon of the Roman legionaries and played a crucial role in their military tactics. This spear was said to have been created from gold stolen from Celtic tribes as they took over Britain." He explained.

Fiona's look when Robert dissuaded her usual approach to a problem was sour, at best, but not near as sour as the one she gave the tour guide when Heather egged him on, made him enthusiastic. "Barf... It's just a sharp stick. Stop encouraging him, Your Majesty" That little tease of Heather got the first smile out of Fiona for the night. But then she was back to focusing, looking at Robert. "And uh... what was it again?" She knew, of course she knew. But this was definitely her just testing, double-checking diligently as was necessary. Frankly, she wasn't even sure why she'd come on this one, other than to cover their pretty butts if crap hit the fan and they needed a more exciting exit than they'd planned on. But Robert had insisted, and he had been right. Ever since their big stunt with the bombing, they were on everyone's watch-list. Better safe than sorry.

"What did the Celts use it for?" Heather asked already knowing the rumours and what was possible but she needed to hear it from someone else.

"The rumours are they used it for paganism among many other uses within their religion." He explained. "I should not tell you this but people feel weird when they hold it. Why it is locked away."

Robert smiled at that. It was exactly the reason why they were here, and exactly the reason why they'd want to touch it. Especially for someone like Fiona that could have some very interesting effects. "I'm sure we can indulge Lady Windsor." He encouraged the museum guide.

Fiona resumed her confused faces, the wheels turning but maybe needing a little more greasing. " 'sat what you meant by getting me a present if I came along?" A weird, culty spear didn't seem like a present to her. Most of them from that time weren't even good materials. Not like steel or concrete. But she had to admit to some degree of curiosity when the boring man mentioned it made people feel weird touching it. She felt weird touching a lot of things when she used her powers. Some easily absorbed heat, some didn't at all, some were conductive, some let her grab power lines without issues. Some even let her be more flexible or stretchy like rubber or the one time she'd broken a mercury thermometer just to see if she could do her thing with the otherwise toxic metal. She'd only hurled once after that experiment, but it worked anyway. "Cool, let's."

“Can I hold it?” Heather asked and the man did not even hesitate in holding out to the woman as he went into carrying on explaining the legends around it. It was discovered in a building site on the outskirts of Lawrence Weston inside of Roman ruins which had been dug up. Heather took it in her hand and instantly felt some type of connection. “They say in the Roman tablets that were found with it that you have to believe for it to have any effect. But I will take it back now and lock it up.” He said and made the movement of locking it up but the spear remained in Heather's hands. “This has been a pleasure Lady Windsor.”

"Oh, I can assure you, the pleasure is all ours." Robert gave a small bow and started to head in the direction of the exit. As expected there were some security guards that came rushing towards the group, but as soon as they were in range Robert altered their perception of reality, something that had been impossible through CCTV. Then someone in an office somewhere probably hit the alarm and heavy doors were starting to slide into place to stop them from being able to walk straight out of the front door. The sheer number of people Robert had to manipulate where starting to take its toll, he had been practising with Heather's particular set of abilities but he was in no way as well versed with them as she was.

Where Robert was struggling Heather just kept her grip on the spear and carried on watching as people moved out of the way. “Through the fire exit.” The woman said pushing through the Egyptian exhibit towards a fire exit sign that would not be locked or closed off. “They won’t have any staff left soon.” She laughed as she glanced back and saw several museum staff looking around confused as alarms were going off. “Fiona can you get the door please?” Heather asked as they were both concentrating on the people around them.

Fiona found herself excited more than anything else when alarms started going off. For the humans, this was a confusing mess, but for them? It was like watching Benny Hill in VR. Eyes moved to the exit door with the large, glowing letters on a sign above them to guide patrons even in a haze of smoke and approached. The ask wasn't even necessary as the mutant's hand flattened against the wall near the door itself, the colour and texture of cold, hard brick and mortar climbing up to her elbow. With a satisfied grin and a curled fist, the fire door (whether locked or not) flew off its hinges and toppled over in the side street with clear routes both ways. "That's more like it!"

Fiona exited and stood to one side, waving her brick arm and mocking a little bow. "After you, your highness."

The woman who was being mocked a little just smirked and stepped throughout in the daylight or the busy morning. It was busy with university students from the building connected to the museum which had been timed perfectly to avoid detection. “Let’s go,” Heather said taking Robert's hand as she held the spear tightly in her other. She was sure that Fiona would manage to make her own way through the crowds.

Robert felt the energy of Heather course through their held hands, it reinforced his control of her abilities and he pushed it out slightly further to give them some extra room. Once they'd get to their getaway car it would be a breeze to simply make their way back up to the highlands. Perhaps they'd swap out a couple of cars along the way, throw off the authorities. All in all the operation had been a resounding success, not in the least bit because it seemed that Heather was all elated with their latest catch.


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