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Fiona Creagan

Name Fiona Creagan

Role "Little Joan"

Character Information

Gender Female
Powers Matter Absorption
Powers Description When Fiona touches something with her bare hands she can choose to augment her body to be made of that material. This absorbs a small portion of the touched matter and has a more than skin deep effect. While this augmentation only seems confined to solid materials, she is able to absorb liquids and gasses. The duration of her transformation depends on the amount of matter absorbed, but can easily last hours with small amounts, which is why she usually carries a belt with different small bits and pieces that she can use at a moment's notice. She's able to consciously return to her normal state, and would also return to normal when knocked unconscious.
Alias Little Joan
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 1.87m
Hair Color Red (coloured)
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Fiona keeps in shape and has toned muscles to show for it. She's an impressive figure and can pack a punch even without her powers. She likes to bare her skin and rarely wears something with sleeves. The rest of her outfits are complimented with heavy leathers and a massive pair of steel-toed boots. She's also often seen wearing large aviator style goggles.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Fiona was always a sucker for a lost cause and a good time. She's been described as a firecracker with too much love to give, so woe to those who wrong her or those she fights for. She's rash, direct, and full of bravado, and doesn't hesitate to mop the floor with anyone who goads her, or at least attempt it.
Strengths & Weaknesses She has courage and wears her heart on her sleeve, often garnering respect from others just by being loud and honest, dependable, and being devoted to her ideals.

Her fervor is likely her greatest weakness as well. Once she sets her heart on an issue, she rarely settles in the middle or compromises, choosing passion and extremes over thinking things through. Because of this, she's also quick to anger and easier than most to taunt into reckless action.
Ambitions Fiona considers herself the heart of the Rangers, and she would like nothing more than to see the group united and giving 110% for the cause, damn the consequences.
Hobbies & Interests Wrestling, lifting weights, boxing, and just general rabblerousing.

Personal History Fiona got her start in the more extreme side of the mutant rights movement early in life. She'd always been forced to hide her powers, especially when she wanted to do the things that she felt were her calling in life. She joined the army as soon as she was 18 and put the SAS in her sights, ignoring barriers like gender and her secret status as a mutant.

A mission that was to be her proving for more serious combat operations saw the tables turn and Fiona's squad only surviving intact because she worked tirelessly to fight off their assailants and get everyone to the evacuation site. Unfortunately, this meant she needed to use her powers, and instead of a hero's welcome for saving her squad, she received a dishonorable discharge for hiding her powers. Disgraced and ashamed, she turned to mercenary work, eventually signing on with Guardian Consulting, a security firm in London that promised a politically neutral stance and to overlook her past in favor of her skills and accomplishments.

The firm worked, for a time, but consistently taking jobs where she had to consult for those she didn't like, or protect executives and politicians who sometimes disparaged mutants, began to drive a wedge between Fiona and her work. While her bosses insisted on neutrality and protecting the innocent above all else, she grew increasingly resentful. After an incident on a job that resulted in several serious injuries and the blaming of mutants for the violence, Fiona fought to give her side, saying it had been the humans who'd escalated and she had been forced to use violence. Part of the plea deal of resolving the incident for the firm involved letting Fiona go, and she was once again on the streets and disgraced after what she saw as a grave injustice.

It was in this state that the other Rangers found her, stirring up trouble starting bar fights with drunk, anti-mutant patrons and using her powers to win arm wrestling matches. They got her sober, got her fired up, and set her on a proper war path from there.
Mutant Registration Status Known Threat
Assigned House None