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Something Wicked this way Comes

Posted on Sun Jan 1st, 2023 @ 10:22 by James Jenkins & Duke Anthony Cavendish

Chapter: Prologue: Dawn of Avalon
Location: Unknown
Timeline: Wednesday, 23rd of September, 1992
1023 words - 2 OF Standard Post Measure

Two men, seated in large chesterfield chairs, cigars filling the room with a rich smell of smoke, just enough to drown out the smell of the single malt whisky swirling around in their tumblers. No words were spoken between the two men as they were both slowly turning the pages on the report that had just been handed to them.

Anthony Cavendish, a Duke in the archaic UK system of nobility. He obviously didn't see much wrong with it. His ancestors had worked hard to achieve their titles and land, why shouldn't he be allowed to benefit from it? He sighed loudly as he finished the last page of the report. "So, they'll be conducting the test just a couple of days from now." He took a sip of the whisky and looked at the amber liquid with some appreciation, before picking up his cigar and taking a drag from the thick roll of tobacco.

James Jenkins had never set out on the route he was but how could he not when everything they had ever worked for was at risk from genetic quirks. They had no choice but to purge the island of the mistake that evolution was making. “It is only right that a test happens now. We cannot wait much longer.” He reminded. It would be impossible to wait much longer when things were ready and waiting. There would never be a right time if they waited for that.

"We shared access to the MRD, they've made a save choice. Newly manifested. Epsilon. Unassociated." Anthony seemed pretty pleased with himself and took another drag of the cigar. "If successful we can look to invest in expansion of the programme."

“A kid. Good choice. Shall we say next Tuesday?” Jenkins approved of the choice that was being made in a newly manifested glitch. It would be easy to target as they would have no control and would make it easy if it went wrong to justify to public that the glitch was dangerous.

"They're looking to move fast. I was thinking Friday, there's a match on that'll keep the commoners' gaze averted." A sip from the whisky accompanied the holier than thou chortle that followed the comment. "Bread and games."

"Someone is eager." James chuckled closing his binder on it all. If his colleague was happy to go ahead with this then so was he. They had worked together long enough to know each other's quirks and Anthony was a work alcoholic and this was his project.

"The Yanks are getting restless." Anthony admitted, once they wanted to pull the trigger everyone should get in lock step. If successful it would open doors, if a failure it was easier to write it off as a deniable freak incident. He finished his whisky and looked over at Jenkins. "Ever hear back from your man with MI6 about where we stand with that abomination they call MI13?"

“The yanks are always restless. It is their default setting.” Jenkins replied dryly as he chucked back his drink and rose from his chair to where a tumbler was waiting for him. “Nothing since the changes within the department and the restructuring. Lots of movement.” MI-13 had always been hard to track and pin down but it had become harder the last three months.

"Perhaps it's time to try a different approach?" Anthony placed his empty glass back on the table and took another drag of his cigar. Blowing out the thick smoke into the small private room. "I'm sure our plans for the weekend will have them scrambling around, it might present a nice opportunity."

“And what are you thinking?” They had never managed to get someone into that inner circle. Jenkins was not a fool in thinking that they would be able to turn anyone with any sense to work for them.

"Lots of changes usually means fresh blood. They are easier to track. Easier to innocently assume they are doing the right thing, talking to the right people." Anthony knew they weren't going to get people in MI13 that were sympathetic to their cause, but if played right they could still get to the information. As it stood now they barely knew about any of the operatives, past or present. All they knew was that they were mutants. "Just thinking out loud here, I mean, if we're going to kick up a storm, we might as well be prepared, right?"

"Correct. I will see what I can do." Jenkins said. He made no promises as he knew MI-13 was more tricky than most departments within the military. Intelligence. They had the admonitions working for them freely and using their abilities to protect themselves and Britain or so they thought.

Anthony checked his watch and with a clearing of the throat got up from his chair. "I must get going. I think it best we don't meet until the results are clear and we've put enough distance between ourselves and the upcoming incident." He straightened out his suit and extinguished his cigar, cutting off the charred bit before pocketing what remained of it. "I look forward to when next we meet." Before he exited the room he looked over his shoulder one last time to add; "Actiones secundum fidei"

James was not ready to leave, but he gave his colleague a nod, and uttered the same Latin phrase back to the man. He looked at the binders that were left and chucked them both on to the raging fire in front of him relieved that the evidence was so simple to get rid of. He watched all evidence disappear into the embers, he sat back in the squishy chair and just watched it all disappear. He was a simple man, but the last couple of years, and the changes in the economy, and the rise of the abomination in every aspect of their lives was shaking him to the core and making him concerned for his daughters future, as well as the nation.

Time would tell whether they succeeded or not, but he would face is maker, knowing that he had at least tried.


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