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Fire and Brimstone

Posted on Fri Sep 8th, 2023 @ 9:34 by Duke Anthony Cavendish

Chapter: All Hallow's Eve
Location: Cavendish Manor, London
Timeline: Tuesday, 2nd of November 1992
900 words - 1.8 OF Standard Post Measure

The camera was pointed at an iron gate, only a few metres behind it were the collapsed and burnt out remains of what once was a magnificent London manor. One could be forgiven to think that it was still smouldering, such was the gloomy grey day. The man that stood in between the camera's and the rubble was dressed in a tailor made dark navy blue suit, pocket square firmly in place. The small tufts of white hair on the sides of his head neatly trimmed.

One last short look at his wife, similarly dressed to the nines. She simply stood there looking at an empty spot on the pavement. He cleared his throat which seemed to stir her from thought and she looked up at the gathered media, a modest smile appearing.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the nation," Duke Cavendish started his address.

"I stand before you today with a heavy heart, a heart burdened by recent events that have shaken our very sense of security and stability. As we gather in the wake of the harrowing incident that occurred on Halloween night, I am compelled to address a matter of utmost urgency that threatens the very fabric of our society." His voice was a solemn tenor.

"The events that unfolded within the walls of my own home were not an isolated incident, and with that they were not merely an attack on a singular individual; they were an attack on the values and principles that have guided our great nation for centuries. Our homes, our families, and our way of life were endangered by those who wield extraordinary and potentially perilous abilities." He took time to look at the different cameras around him, making sure to give the newspaper journalists enough time to keep up with their notes.

"In the aftermath of this disturbing incident, I am left with no choice but to advocate for a comprehensive and pragmatic approach towards mutant abilities." He ignored the murmuring that rose from his statement, "It is our solemn duty to ensure the safety and well-being of every citizen, both human and mutant alike." He left a moment for dramatic effect. "To that end, I propose a series of measures that I believe are not only necessary but imperative."

"First and foremost, I call for the immediate implementation of a Mutant Registration system." He held up a single finger both to count his measures as well as keep the journalists from interrupting with questions. "Just as we, as responsible citizens, register our vehicles and firearms, it is only reasonable that those who possess extraordinary powers do the same." He still held his hand up but the journalists were clearly getting restless with where the rhetoric was going. "This is not an attack on our fellow citizens, but a means to ensure transparency, accountability, and most importantly, the safety of all."

"Secondly, this centralised database should be readily accessible to law enforcement and government agencies. It should contain information about the abilities and backgrounds of these registered mutants. Making it easier for authorities to identify and address potential threats." He was now holding up a second finger.

"Third, we must institute tighter oversight and regulation of institutions that harbour mutants." His eyes narrowed into the camera, there was one institute in particular he would love to put under more scrutiny. "While I recognise the importance of education and fostering understanding, we cannot turn a blind eye to the potential dangers that arise from unchecked gatherings of individuals with unique abilities." There were now several questions being called through each other. "Please keep your questions for after I'm finished." The crowd quieted down a bit. "Stringent guidelines and protocols must be put in place to guarantee that these institutes operate in a manner that upholds the safety and security of our society."

"Four. Restricted Zones." This was going to be one that people would have a definite opinion about. "We need to establish restricted zones where mutants are not allowed to enter or reside. Mutant-kind has recently shown that they are unafraid to encroach upon and endanger the public. Which in turn means that we should be more protective of sensitive locations such as government buildings, military installations, or crowded public spaces to minimise the potential threat posed by mutant abilities." It immediately kicked up a storm of questions.

"I understand that these proposals may be met with scepticism and concern, and I assure you, my fellow countrymen, that my intentions are driven solely by the need to protect and preserve the sanctity and security of our nation. It is crucial that we move forward with the unity reflected in our flag, with a shared commitment to ensure the security of our families, our communities, and our future."

"In conclusion, let us stand resolute in the face of adversity. Let us rise above our differences and work together to forge a path that ensures the coexistence of mutants and humans in a world where safety, accountability, and the rule of law prevail. I implore you, my fellow citizens, to join me in this endeavour, for it is only through our collective efforts that we can build a future that is marked by harmony, understanding, and above all, security."

"May the spirit of unity guide us, and may our great nation emerge stronger from these trying times. Thank you, and God save the Queen."


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