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Deidre "Dee" Fraser

Name Deidre "Dee" Fraser

Role Freelance Journalist

Character Information

Gender Female
Powers As far as Deidre knows, she's as mundane as they come.
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Hair Color Ginger
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Whilst her complexion alone would be enough to allow Dee to stand out in a crowd, it is often her choice of attire that draws the most attention. Meticulous attention to detail and a penchant for costume design ensure that she very rarely steps into the public eye without some sort of matching ensemble better suited for theatrical pursuits than a day at the park. Very often there are overtones of steampunk, though she is just as likely to veer towards late-Victorian/early-Edwardian as the mood strikes her.


Significant other None
Children None
Parents Douglas Fraser (dec.)
Maura Lynch
Sibling(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Dee is, in many ways, a contradictive soul. Having scrambled up the only daughter of an eccentric artist, she is more than capable of keeping her own company and is very prone to the kind of absent-minded daydreaming that tends to make one particular oblivious to the social aspects of immediate surroundings. On the other hand, she has an impressively analytical capacity and a thirst for any sort of elusive quandary that might not present with an obvious solution. When she pays attention, Dee has an astonishing memory for details, whilst at the same time often being completely vague about what might be construed as peripheral distractions. She is good-humoured, however, and kind-hearted with an activist's passion for social justice.

She is also exceedingly clumsy.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Detail-oriented, very agile memory
+ Talented writer and seamstress
+ Gutsy and not easily intimidated
+ Optimistic, compassionate and open-minded
- Social skills need some work
- Clumsy
- A little naïve and idealistic
Ambitions Some sort of female version of Sherlock Holmes, only an actual person, would be right up her alley.
Hobbies & Interests Sewing and creating props, photography, gardening and cooking.

Mutant Registration Status Non-Mutant Individual
Assigned House None