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Shane Gooseman

Name Shane Gooseman

Role Teacher: Physical Education

Character Information

Gender Male
Powers Physical Reactive Adaptation
Powers Description Physical adaptation to environmental changes. For example, gills when under water, skin changes to radiation/heat, extra hair in extreme cold. However this ability is limited to only limited reactive changes. For example, the user cannot grow wings when falling great heights or change their skin to rock/metal to bounce off bullets, but could fuse their ribs and tighten muscles to reduce the risk of a bullet from hitting a major organ.
Alias Adapt
Age 57

Physical Appearance

Height 176.784cm
Hair Color Curly Long, Brown, with streaks of Grey
Eye Color Yellow
Physical Description Now in his mid fifties, Shane has that dried worn out sun tanned look of a man that used to keep himself fit, but now has developed a bit of a belly. Shane wears Jeans ,a faded T-shirt and an open flannel shirt.


Significant other None. Divorced, Twice
Children Elanor Gooseman-estranged daughter, who he has not seen in several years
Parents Charity Gooseman-Mother-Deceased
Micheal Gooseman-Farther-Deceased
Sibling(s) Derek Gooseman-Brother (eldest of the family now a Baptist Pastor )
Isabel Gooseman-Sister (eldest Sister and helped raise Shane, now runs the farm with her own family)
Barbra Gooseman-Sister-Deceased
Anna Gooseman-Sister
Lilly Gooseman-Sister
Dawn Gooseman-Sister
Emma Gooseman-Sister
Mia Gooseman-Sister
Shirley Gooseman-Sister
Other Family Luna Mason-First Ex Wife
Grace Turner-Second Ex Wife and mother of Elanor

Personality & Traits

General Overview Beaten and battered and feeling old, Shane is a man of many flaws. Shane smokes and drinks too much and, can come over as gregarious and jolly, but he has a warm heart and is a protective character. A Vietnam War Veteran, which left him scarred not just physically but also mentally. Years later, Shane still has nightmares about the war especially his special unit work with other mutants.
Strengths & Weaknesses Shane is a army veteran, with many years of military experience and training as a non-commissioned officer, but this has left him a broken man, with not much to show for it except a few unpolished medals, a poor pension and permanent back and knee pain.
Ambitions After his daughter developed mutant powers and blamed him for her condition, Shane moved to the united Kingdom to be closer to his daughter. Shane hopes that he can prove to his daughter that he can help her with her mutations by helping other young students with theirs.
Hobbies & Interests Shane Gooseman has a strong interest in all things American Football. Shane supports the Houston Oilers, but has been known to follow the Dallas Cowboys in secrecy. In an attempt to acclimatise himself to British Culture, Shane has attempted to follow soccer, with not much luck, rugby, which he feels has none of the tactics or strategy of American football. But has become oddly interested in cricket. Shane enjoys the pub and reading military history books. Shane also, tries, meditation, to help manage his PTSD.....he is not very good at it.

Personal History Shane Gooseman. The Texas man who did not want to farm so joined the Army. Was born on a farm, near Kingsman, Texas, USA in 1937. The youngest of nine siblings. Shane was raised by his mum and older sisters when his dad was killed in Normandy in WW2. His mum, Miranda, was a deeply religious individual, and had hoped Shane would become a pastor. But Shane’s love through school had been football. But Shane was never good enough to pick up a Football college scholarship. So not wanting to farm and certainly not wanting to be a Pastor Shane faked his mum's consent signature and joined the Army.

Shane was born and raised on the family Texan crop farm. Shane did not get to see much of his father whilst growing up as at a young age he was killed in action in World War 2. Shane was raised by his mum and sisters. Between school, church and working on the farm Shane enjoyed playing football. Shane left school to join the army after failing to attain a college football scholarship. He enlisted at 17 after faking his mum's consent signature.

Shortly after boot camp Private Shane Goodman requested the 101st Airborne Division, his Dad's old division. the 101st would be Shane's home on and off for over the next 30 years. Shortly after joining the Army the USA sent consultation forces to Vietnam, beginning ten years of american troops in Vietnam and Shane with them.

It was not Shane that discovered his mutant powers, it was the Army. To this day Shane does not know how. Maybe it was something found in a blood type, or on a psych eval or maybe in a passing medical check up. Either way, Shane was temporarily re-assigned to a special unit of mutants. Even after joining though, it was not until much later, that Shane's mutant ability kicked in when he was exposed to smoke grenades in combat and his body adapted to filtrating the chemicals of the gas, enabling him to breath unaffected.

Shane has been married twice in his life. The first was to Luna, who he met in Vegas whilst on leave. They had a whirlwind relationship, to the point where Shane even went AWOL for a couple of months (which he did a month in military prison for) at they travelled in the states and got married in Vegas. Once the whirlwind was over though, and they settled down it soon became evident that it was not meant to be and they quickly divorced. Though they do still keep in touch. Shane's second wife, Grace was a British citizen and ambassador. They married but were kept apart by their work and split up. Grace moved back to England with their daughter Elanor.

After Kuwait, or what was now being called the Gulf War, Shane had had enough. Shane had been a Soldier in some capacity or another for most of his adult life and it had taken him half way around the world on more than one occasion, had lead to two divorces and a estranged daughter. He was no commando or special ops wet worker, he was a soldier, so felt he had some transferable skills. So he signed his paperwork, took his pension and was out.
Mutant Registration Status Registered Entity
Assigned House Rhongomiant