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Ji-an Yun

Name Ji-an Yun

Role Student

Character Information

Gender Female
Powers Temporal Manipulation
Powers Description Preface: Much of Ji-an's potential is currently unknown. She has been officially classified a Category 1 Mutant: Threat to the Natural Order.

The most visible and obvious aspect of Jian's mutation is a much slower rate of cell degradation. This has decelerated her ageing process, rendering her the physical equivalent of a child about half her chronological age.

Suspended Animation
Jian has the ability to freeze living things in place. Currently, this is activated via direct touch and appears to leave no lasting ill-effects. The extent of her powers' duration in this regard is unknown, as she currently mostly uses it to stop butterflies mid-flight before releasing them, or other similar frivolities.

Quantum Acceleration
Jian is able to affect the timestream of living things, forcing an exponential increase in the cellular degradation that would normally plot out the term of a natural lifespan. Virtually no research exists on this particular aspect of her powers, as it is a very recent development and obviously reeks of moral implications.

Temporal Rewind
Similarly, Jian is able to apply her control over a living thing's timestream to reverse the degradation process, reverting it to an earlier example of itself. For exactly the same reasons, this has not been something she has been encouraged to explore.

Author's Note: This character is part of an emerging plot and should not be considered consistent with the limitations and expectations of characters intended for more permanent, free-form roleplay.
Alias None yet.
Age 13

Physical Appearance

Height 114cm
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description As a result of her mutation, Jian appears wildly out of place in a school of teenagers despite having been alive long enough to qualify as a First Year. She is a sweet-looking child, however, pensive and withdrawn most of the time. Her Korean heritage is prominent, though anyone with a keen eye will notice the hints of mixed ancestry that somewhat soften some of her features.


Significant other N/A
Children N/A
Parents Dae-Seong Yun (father)
Helena Yun (mother, dec.)
Sibling(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ji-an is a difficult child to measure in terms of personality because she is exceptionally closed-off. A placid, docile and obedient demeanour seems more a product of expectation than a demonstration of true disposition and it is only in the moments where the child feigns deafness that a certain degree of stubbornness emerges. Language is a significant barrier, as has been isolation from peers over the course of her short life. Having come from a very sheltered and protected environment, Ji-an is an enigmatic blend of her chronological age and physical appearance; not quite a tiny child of limited experience but neither the moody inconsistency of a preteen. She is clearly capable of expressing emotion, however, and whilst most of her reactions might be considered understated, she is nevertheless quick to smile and rarely seems to get upset, though a certain haunted sadness is prone to catch her in moments of high stress.
Strengths & Weaknesses Ji-an's powers are significant and still evolving. Despite all efforts to maintain the autonomy of mutants amidst the mastery of their mutant capabilities, she remains a candidate for extreme intervention simply because of her potential to cause catastrophic cascade effects.

On a more personal level, she is a clever child who often absorbs more of the world around her than people give her credit for. She is a voracious reader, a gifted sketch artist and can play the piano beautifully for her age.
Ambitions She has never expressed any, even to the scant few whom she would ever speak to in enough depth to mention it.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, drawing, dancing, playing piano, gardening

Mutant Registration Status Known Threat
Assigned House Clarent