Hope Ross

Name Hope Ross

Role Medical

Second Role Field Medic

Character Information

Gender Female
Powers Healing
Powers Description The ability to create a shield of light to protect herself and her allies. Hope has only managed to create a large enough area of effect for three people thus far. She can heal wounds by channeling the light.

Hope can use the light to cause a flash from her body that depending on the intensity at which she chooses can temporarily or permanently blind her foes
Alias Hope
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 9"
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description A very beautiful woman who enjoys fashion and the finer things in life. However Hope is versatile when it comes to what she wears and can go from jeans and cowboy boots to a black tie event with no problem. As a physician she knows the importance of keeping your body in shape so she works out quite often to stay in peak physical condition


Parents Mildred & Scott Ross

Personality & Traits

General Overview Hope is generally a friendly person with a great and caring attitude. She is sometimes motherly and protective of those she cares about
Strengths & Weaknesses +A skilled trauma surgeon and emergency room physician
+A strong leader

-Only defensive powers
-Hard on herself
Ambitions As a physician Hope always values continuing her education and would like to meet someone and settle down some time, possibly soon.
Hobbies & Interests Cooking

Personal History Hope was born in Little Rock, Arkansas on April 15, 1952 to Mildred and Scott Ross. The Ross were well known and quite respected in the state of Arkansas, Scott was a physician and had saved more lives then he could count over the years. Mildred ran his office and was a great boss and all their staff looked up to them both. They gave to charities and participated in charitable events and were just genuinely nice people.

Hope had everything she ever asked for, went to a private school, took gymnastics and karate. She was instantly popular with the other little girls when she started school and pretty much had the same little group of friends until they were in the fifth grade. Two of the girl's parents were in the air force and had to move away and one of the other girls suddenly had to move to her sick aunts right after school started. There were so many rumors of what happened to her and Hope never found out, but she thought she was a mutant and her parents sent her away.

Hope made good grades in Junior High and joined the cheer squad, her gymnastics became handy and she loved to dance. She also liked one of the boys on the football team and it was a good way to get to see him more often. Of course she wasn't even sure if he knew she was alive and had no idea how to flirt. The young lady tried to stay busy with school, cheer, gymnastics and karate because things at home were tense. Her parents were always into it about something and she hated to hear them scream at each other.

High school was a little bit different for Hope. She and her friends weren’t the most popular girls in school anymore, they were still pretty popular but not like before. Hope tried to continue to just focus on the things she did to keep her and her mind busy, of course now she had Matt to keep her busy. She couldn’t believe the guy she liked in Junior High and now they were dating, he was so handsome and on the football team. They dated all of freshman and sophomore year and on Christmas break of sophomore year Hope asked Matt to come meet her parents. Her mom made dinner and Matt showed up right on time with some flowers. He shook Doctor Ross’s hand and greeted Mildred. The four of them had dinner and of course her parents grilled her boyfriend. After dinner Matt and Hope went outside to say goodbye and started making out on the front porch and were getting a little handsy when Mildred came out to tell Hope to come inside and saw them. She flipped the light on and flipped her shit, she told Matt “to get off her porch and stay away from her baby” and grabbed Hope by the hair and pulled her inside. Her parents got kind of mean when they drank some times and she was now grounded for a month and forbidden to see ‘that boy.’

As Hope laid in bed that night in the dark and in the quiet she thought she could hear her parents, but it was different. It was quiet and she could almost feel the anger. She got up to get a drink of water and realized there was no one up and it must have just been in her imagination or maybe it was just the stress from what happened that evening.

Of course the two teens snuck around and saw each other anyway and as often as they could but junior year Matt broke it off because Hope wouldn’t go ‘all the way’ with him. It broke her heart and she was depressed for quite some time and then she started focusing on her after a talk with her mother. She got her grades up and got really into fashion and there were other boys that showed interest, but she just ignored them for now. There was a weekend her parents went away for a medical conference and she had the house to herself so she decided to have a party. She invited a few friends over and before she knew it was out of hand, she was trying to get people to leave, but they wouldn’t listen. Then she ran into Matt in her bedroom and the two of them got into it. Hope told him to “get the fuck out” and Matt tried to make out with her, pushing her down on the bed and holding her down. She told him to get off her and started trying to get free and when she couldn’t, something inside her or something, some force flung him across the room like a rag doll.

Rumors were going around the school about what happened and everyone was calling her a freak. Mutants were known to the world by now, was that what she was a mutant? The incident affected her parents' reputation and they decided to send her away to a boarding school they found. Hope pretty much stayed to herself the year and a half she had left at the prep academy. There were other kids like her that were different and some that were just mean. There were teachers that were kind and some that weren’t so nice, but like everyone else she just pushed through and did the best to get the grades she needed.

When she graduated she had finally repaired the relationship with her parents and moved back home. She was attending college in Little Rock and would eventually go on to medical school. All through college she continued her karate and gymnastic, as well as cheer. Hope made good grades and dated a few boys, but had to mostly focus on her education. Especially when she got to pre-med and medical school. Hope ended up graduating medical school in the top five and became a surgeon in training.

Two years after she graduated she was the lead physician in the ER and fully trained as a trauma surgeon. She was dating a nice guy and having fun in her time off doing the things she loved. One of the things she loved doing but only did in private was use her powers. Hope had looked into some things and learned that she was telekinetic and with exercise over a few months she could lift far more with her mind then she could with her body.

Hope got a little too careless one night and drank a little too much wine. She forgot her man friend was there and started messing around with her powers but before she knew it a feeling of overwhelming fear washed over her and “oh fuck she’s a mutie” was in her head only a mans voice. Hope looked around and saw her boy friend standing there. She jumped up and tried to explain but he ran out and it wasn’t long before she lost her job and basically ran out of town.

That’s when Doctor Ross decided to do some humanitarian work, she had made plenty of money already and her daddy would back her. She would be out of his hair and halfway around the world. During this time she met several interesting people, one of whom she remains in contact with Donald Johnson. During this time she gained experience in the field and got some additional training from an army field medic. Hope was also able to use her abilities to help protect some of the villages from raiders a few times.

During her last run in, she and a small group of others defended an entire village from a large group of raiders. This is the night Hope discovered she could defend herself with some sort of telekinetic shield that even stopped a few bullets. She also took out four raiders by herself by tossing a garbage truck at them. When Hope told her father what happened he told his daughter to come home and she was on the next plane back to Little Rock.

She lived at home for quite some time but in 1992 her parents were killed in a car crash. Hope was devastated and decided she couldn’t live in their house. Her family attorney helped her sale the estate and Hope found out she is eight million dollars richer. She didn’t know what to do so she reached out to an old friend, Donald. He invited her to the UK and she was on her the next jet out of Little Rock.

Mutant Registration Status Registered Entity