Mutant Powers

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Known Powers

  • Ability Mimicry - By seeing or focusing on another mutant (or even highly skilled regular humans) a user of this ability can copy the abilities of others. The effects of this can wane over time or distance, or both. Only very rarely would a mutant with this power be able to repeat an ability just from memory.
  • Accellerated Perception - The ability to perceive and process sensory input at a rate far higher than normally possible. When in effect it usually seems that the entire world slows down, but without the addition of super-speed the user can, even from their own relative perspective, respond slowly to the sensory input. It still results in hightened reflexed and commonly allows for quicker absorption of information.
  • Empathy - Mutants with this ability can telepathically perceive, and in most cases influence, the emotional states of others. The range of this ability is big, and some mutants have been known to amplify their natural ability to influence multiple people, or even entire communities.
  • Hardlight Conjuration - Creation of objects by the power of the mind, these objects appear as slightly translucent and luminescent and can be made solid. On the lower spectrum of these powers only inanimate objects can be created. A trained and experienced individual might be able to create moving parts to their creations.
  • Illusion Casting - Also known as mental projection, allowing the user to cast a sensation directly into the mind of others, overwriting the normal input of their senses.
  • Invisibility - Becoming invisible makes someone unable to be detected with the naked eye or technology that relies on light to capture images, like film or photographs. This doesn't affect other things that might give away someone's presence, like sound or smell.
  • Matter Absorption - By touching or ingesting materials the user can copy certain aspects of the material. For example, touching a brick wall to create stone skin.
  • Phasing - The ability to move through solid objects, or to allow solid objects to move through oneself. Usually it will allow the user to also take small objects with them. The ease with which one can move through matter usually depends on the density of the matter.
  • Precognition - You already know what I'm going to write here. The ability to see potential futures based on choices or chances. The limitations of the ability differ greatly between users, from people being able to look weeks or months ahead while others abilities are measured in seconds and minutes.
  • Pyrokinesis - The ability to create and/or control fire through the power of the mind. In some cases the mutant can only affect already existing fires, in others they can only affect the fire created by themselves. Usually comes with some form of fire resistance, and advanced users can sometimes envelop themselves and create powerful enough bursts to be able to fly.
  • Quantum Combination - The ability to arrange and sequence subatomic particles (electrons, protons, neutrons) to form various compounds and initiate chemical reactions.
  • Super-speed - While limited by the universal constant of C, those mutants with this ability can travel at tremendous speeds. They'd still need to content with intervening terrain or barriers as well as make sure they don't collide with others. This usually comes with heightened senses and reflexes, which means the user of the ability mostly feels like the world around them slows down, rather than them speeding up.
  • Teleportation - Travelling between two points in space without needing to physically traverse the distance in between, not to be confused with super-speed, where the physical distance gets covered. Sometimes the distance of travel is restricted by line of sight or being intimately familiar with where you want to end up as well as maximum distance. In some cases the actual travel takes place in an alternate dimension that plays by different physics so that is seems like no distance is crossed.
The above powers are listed because they are a part of the game already, either through direct use by characters in the game or by indirect reference to the powers. For a more comprehensive list of Super-powers and Abilities you can always reference the Super-power Wiki. Keep in mind that any super-powers you wish to use within the game are to be approved by Game Management.

Banned powers

  • Omnipotence / Omniscience - Characters in the game cannot know and foresee everything. It's not interesting to write or write with, and neither is it interesting to read. Not to mention game-breaking.
  • Immortality / Invincibility - While it's possible that through some powers you might approach immortality or extended life expectancy, immortality/invincibility takes away dramatic tension as well as immediately breaks the game's suspense.
  • Reality Warping - At it's most powerful users can literally do anything no matter how impossible it seems. So you can see why we would disallow such powers.

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