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The Mutant Registration Database serves two purposes, the main purpose it to identify and register any and all individuals that exhibit mutations, so that their threat to the Crown and the British Commonwealth can be assessed. The secondary purpose is to track the spread and concentration of mutation throughout the U.K. as to prevent a build up of mutants in a certain area that could result in instability through anti-human / anti-establishment sentiments common in mutant communities.

The organisation running the MRD was created in the early 70’s when a parliamentary committee was tasked with investigating the emerging mutant situation. The idea was fully developed and a prototype was presented to the majority leaders of the House of Commons. Following this the Labour led government disbanded the special committee, officially as it had served its purpose. The proposal was never officially presented to Parliament. Following this rebuttal of their approach several members of the special committee banded together to lay the foundation for what would later become the Human Protection League. Due to their individual private wealth, and their political pull they were able to create the database separately and have found ways to populate it consistently.

None of these ratings would be known to people outside of the operators of the database.

Registration statusses

Unknown Entity - In order to be an unknown entity to the MRD one would have to be an illegal immigrant to the UK (or otherwise unregistered). Any legal resident in the UK would also have an entry in the MRD, even those without powers, unless active steps were made to avoid such registration.

Known Unregistered Entity - While not an official designation in the database there are those individuals that have been able to avoid being recognised and registered as mutants in the MRD, instead being mistakenly registered as a Non-Mutant Entity. In general this can come about in two ways. The most common way is that the mutant has no external indicators of mutation, and the abilities manifested themselves in a non-public fashion. As such it’s more common for mutants with mental abilities to be in this category. A more rare way to avoid registration as a mutant is political pull, since the MRD was set up as a result of a parliamentary enquiry those with significant political clout have been known to protect close friends and relatives by having them flagged as a Non-Mutant Entity erroneously.

Registered Entity - Mutants that have publicly been identified as having abilities, either due to having manifested mutant abilities in a public setting, by being physically identifiable as a mutant. More rarely people that have been identified as mutants by the NHS after receiving medical treatment that revealed their nature. They are tracked by the Mutant Registration Database to assure the security and integrity of the people and businesses in the U.K., while it currently has no effect on one's individual liberties, those with access might utilise this to deny services to registered individuals.

Known Threat - Mutants that have used their powers in a way that has endangered others, or the political stability of the Kingdom. Either through direct violence against individuals or organisations, or by indirect manipulations of influential individuals or organisations. While this can be achieved without mutant powers, the MRD focuses on those that have done so with the help of abilities granted by mutation.
As a known threat authorities will actively pursue apprehension of the individual. This shows up in Police databases and at customs, severely restricting free and legal travel, lodging, and employment opportunities.

Non-Mutant Entity - A status for all those normies out there. They are not registered, and thus should technically be ‘unknown entities’ but since there’s nothing to register the authorities would flag them as NME’s. Since the MRD has fallen somewhat out of fashion politically, and the agency running it was privatised as a result, misregistrations and manipulations of the records have become more common.

Mutant Power Level Classification

While the inherent strength of a mutant's abilities certainly contributes to the classification of their power level, this entry in the database is also greatly influenced by how capable the mutant is at wielding their abilities.

Alpha - Highly capable mutants that have honed their skills so that they are capable of facing multiple, skilled and equipped, adversaries. Usually in combination with mutant abilities that would directly, and possibly fatally, injure regular humans without too much exertion. Common powers that would accompany this designation are focused energy blasts, manipulation of matter, or direct control over other individuals.
Advice: Only engage with the presence of a Section of specifically trained Mutant Response Unit.

Beta - Trained individuals that have a level of control over their powers so they can easily defend themselves when threatened. Usually combined with mutant abilities that could be utilised to easily incapacitate, or through some effort fatally injure, regular humans. Common powers that would be associated with this status are super-speed, kinetic energy manipulation, or strong empathic manipulation.
Advice: Only engage with at least a Firearms Unit present.

Gamma - Untrained individuals that use their powers mostly as a reflexive and natural way. They are usually capable of getting themselves out of adversarial situations if they are familiar with the territory and/or the circumstances synergise well with their abilities. In general, Gamma level aren’t considered ‘armed and dangerous’ by default and their abilities are usually not directly capable of harming or incapacitating others.
Advice: Flight risk, employ regular apprehension tactics.

Epsilon - While the Delta designation doesn’t exist, the Epsilon marker was added to identify those mutants that exhibit (seemingly) harmless mutations. These mutations wouldn’t give them an advantage in a conflict with others. Some of them are purely aesthetic, others may actually be detrimental to the mutant.
Advice: Non-threat. Approach as normal.

Omega - A special designation reserved for those mutants that have exhibited destructive powers that rival weapons of mass destruction. In the late eighties this designation was expanded to include those that have the capacity to mass influence the thoughts, feelings or actions of individuals, taking away free will and quickly amassing large groups that could be used against the established order.
Advice: Avoid agitating, engage the Omega Containment Protocol.

Mutant Concentrations

A lesser known part of the programme, which was the core reason that the programme never found widespread support from the ruling parties, is the classification of mutant communities and concentrations. It looks to identify clusters of mutants and quantify the level of interconnectedness within these clusters. While it does register this rating within an individual’s record, it’s more a reflection of the general area they reside in and as such shouldn’t be taken outside of this context.

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