The School Uniforms

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As is common in the UK the student body at Avalon Institute is expected to wear school uniforms in between official school times. This time starts at breakfast around 0800 hours and would last until 1600 hours when the last official extra curricular activity finishes. While the students get the freedom to change into something more casual afterwards, most of them opt to stay in uniform for the sake of convenience unless they'd do something outside of the school grounds.

school uniforms

The school uniforms consist of a white blouse with a striped red and grey tie tied in a single windsor knot. For cold weather months, which in an medieval castle in the Scottish highlands are very common, there's an option to wear a grey cardigan over the top. The coal grey blazer is encouraged, especially for official school gatherings. The blazer, cardigan, and blouse all display the Avalon Institute logo on the chest with the school motto in an arc underneath.

For bottom wear there's a couple of options available, to account for taste as well as warm and cold weather options. There's trousers in the same grey as the blazer. Alternatively one can choose to wear a skirt, which is in a similar grey to the cardigan, but with red and lighter grey plaid. Skirts worn must be at least knee length, and only when worn with sheer tights underneath. These tights can range from 20 denier and up and can only come in standard colours.

Shoes worn underneath the uniform should be dress shoes and in black. Students are allowed to wear heels, but nothing higher than 3 inches in a block heel style.

Upon arriving at Avalon Institute new students are assigned to one of three internal Houses. They are allowed to display the house crest on their right chest. Members of the house that won the most recent House Cup may also display a gold star over the House emblem.

All of these regulations apply to all genders equally.


Teachers and other faculty at the Institute are expected to dress appropriately and in at least a business casual style. Unless such dress would interfere with the subject they're teaching or would otherwise be inappropriate. For example, a chemistry teacher would be expected to wear a lab coat and other protective clothing when conducting practical experiments, the P.E. teacher can wear an appropriate gym outfit, Tech and Design would wear a boilersuit when working with engines and machinery that's likely to get them dirty.

Quantum Knights

The superhero team of the Institute currently do not have a uniform. They wear outfits appropriate to their role in the team and in most cases for utility and protection.